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~~~~~ Chapter 30: Siddhartha Stuff ~~~~~~~

THIS… is kewl stuff.  And what’s really amazing about it is that chrischuns will fluff it off, or skip it completely and then miss the astounding Truth that is in this.  Because in every really good falsehood, there is always Truth.  Bear with me, because… this gets really interesting.

This week (which was actually weeks ago – I’m playing catch-up on the blog) we’re learning about Buddah, who was also known as Siddhartha.  And me having a thing for Keanu Reeves’ movies/roles… you KNEW that I was going to pull out my VHS copy of ‘Little Buddah‘ and show the kids the story of Buddah with Keanu front and center.  Because if you want to do something, you do it right.  Heheheheh.

sotw30aThere are interesting parallels to the life of Moses found in the story of Siddhartha.  He was born chosen and set apart.  He was a prince, raised to a life of privilege.  He came upon poverty and need, and realized that life was sacred and that there was more than just riches and entitlement to the world, and he set out to change, to understand and connect with the Higher Power.  Much like Moses.

sotw30bBut there the story changes.  Because Yehovah is not a part of the picture directly, here (as He is with the Jews).   Siddhartha is left to himself to try to figure out how to connect with the Higher Power.  Remember how Romans 1 said that even those who do not have the Law are given Truth, even by nature, itself, declaring the glory of God?  RIGHT here!  This is an example of that.  Siddhartha wants to find Truth.  He wants to find peace and joy and… Yehovah, although he doesn’t have a name for that Higher Power.

sotw30fHe starts out by screwing up massively.  He went from one extreme (being a prince: having riches, food, women, clothing, power) to the other (starving himself, putting aside all material goods, not bathing, barely sleeping).  He became delusional, having hallucinations and coming close to death.

sotw30cBut then he comes to a realization – Truth isn’t in one extreme or the other, but all things in moderation (which is actually Asian thinking, too).  It’s only in the middle – in balance – that one finds the Higher Power.  So Siddhartha (now the Buddah, since he has come to the realization of Truth) gets up and washes and eats (which stuns his followers), and he clothes himself and begins to speak and to live…

And you know?  This is a Biblical principle?  If only Siddhartha had the scriptures!  Because this is what I’ve said for YEARS.  The Jews are one extreme (obedience to Torah without Faith in Messiah) while Christians are the opposite extreme (Faith in Messiah without obedience to Torah), but just as it’s not by works but by faith, faith without works is dead.  The truth is in the middle.


More than that… have you ever seen a rainbow?  Roy-G-Biv?  What’s in the middle?  G – green.  Red is too hot, violet is too cold, but Green – the primary color of this earth – is in the middle of the balance.  And wouldn’t you know, but Yehovah’s throne is green?

Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne was standing in heaven, and One sitting on the throne. And He who was sitting was like a jasper stone and a sardius in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald in appearance. Around the throne were twenty-four thrones; and upon the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white garments, and golden crowns on their heads.  Revelation 4:2-4

The throne is Jasper (Yehovah, green of life) and Sardius (Yeshua, red of blood), and is surrounded by emerald – also the green of the Godhead.  Green is life in balance, God as central… in the midst of all.  It’s amazing Truth!

Poor Siddhartha.  He came at it the long way, but even without the Law and the Prophets, he still found  Truth.  Isn’t that amazing?  I love it!  It’s Romans 1B illustrated.  And yes, there are things about Buddhism that are really screwed up.  There are things about Christianity that are just as horribly screwed up.  There are things about Judaism that aren’t right, too.  Finding balance isn’t so easy when you have mankind constantly tipping things one direction or another.  Time is another factor against things.  That all aside… there’s something amazing, here.  And I’m not entirely sure that Siddhartha didn’t actually come to a belief in Yehovah (Higher Power), even though he had no one to share with him about Adonai Elohim.

Anyhow, I found a few interesting things (unrelated to my own revelation) that pertain to learning about Buddah.  Here is a NOVA interactive site that shows the different meanings of things found in Buddah illustrations (like the long ears, etc.).  It’s history and interesting, at any rate, and the kids would like it.  It helps decipher the poses Buddah is shown in in artwork.

eightAlso, here’s a picture that has the 8-fold path that Buddah taught.  Eight being eternity in Biblical numerology, which also geeks me… and ALL of the items on the list are found in scripture.  It would be fun to try to find verses to match – or you could use these verses, already assembled, if you wanted to show the parallels to your children.

It’s on my to-do list, for when we do an actual study of religions (which is coming up, too).

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