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00000000000While I’m wishing you a happy sabbath,
I’m also having to share something, today.

This was posted on Saturday by SpaceWeather.  I’m also writing this on Saturday, so here’s to hoping I don’t have to update it with craziness when it actually posts.

DECADE-CLASS SUNSPOT: Sunspot AR2192, now facing Earth, is the largest sunspot of the current solar cycle. Sprawling across more than 200,000 km of solar terrain, wider than the planet Jupiter, this is the type of sunspot that comes along every 10 years or so. To put AR2192 in context, reader Hagan Hensley of San Antonio TX placed it beside pictures of two other significant sunspots from the years 2001 and 1947:

“Using Photoshop, I created this composite image of three big sunspots: AR2192 (2014), AR9393 (2001) and the great sunspot of 1947, the largest ever recorded,” explains Hensley. “Positions on the solar disk shifted somewhat to avoid overlap.” didn’t exist in 1947, so we’re not sure what happened then. In 2001, however, giant sunspot AR9393 was fully covered by the web site. In March of that year, the sunspot unleashed multiple X-flares, caused radio blackouts and radiation storms, and sparked red auroras seen as far south as Mexico.

“Good thing these aren’t all on the sun at once!” says Hensley. Indeed.

I found this to be really interesting for a number of reasons.  First, this sunspot we’re seeing right now is comparable to the largest recorded.  That’s *BIG*.  Second, the only other one of this size that we’ve watched before has resulted in massive radiation storms and blackouts.  And third… 1947.  That’s Israel’s becoming a nation.  It’s a portender of big things happening in Israel.  In 2001 Sharon became Israel’s leader as the Palestian- launched  Oslo War (aka Arafat’s War or the Second Infintada) got underway.  Keyword: OSLO.  Which would take me on a one-way trip to Solana and the ENPI… so all of this is related to the Seal Judgments and Daniel’s  ‘covenant with many’.

So what does this mean for us?  It means that S is about to HTF big-time in Israel.  It means that my CME could be in the works.  It means that things are all poised and on the brink of something.  And yes, there’s the possibility that nothing happens with it – it’s just another portender of events, and it shrinks up like the others.  But what if it’s not done growing?  What if it outpaces the 1947 behemoth?  It’s also a possibility… especially considering the times.

I dunno, but it’s definitely stuff worth watching!!

PS:  Today is 10/25.  It’s the day Venus goes from being the ‘bright morning star’ to the evening star, so that’s fun, too.  It’s also the day I close up my FB account, again.  It’s time.

SuNDaY uPDaTe FRoM SPaCeWeaTHer:

Since Friday, AR2192 has produced two major X-class solar flares: X3 (Oct. 24 @ 2140 UT) and X1 (Oct 25 @ 1709 UT).  Both X-flares produced brief but strong HF radio blackouts over the dayside of Earth. Communications were disturbed over a wide area for approximately one hour after the peak of each explosion. Such blackouts may be noticed by amateur radio operators, aviators, and mariners.

So far none of the eruptions from AR2192 has produced a major CME. Without a CME to rattle our planet’s magnetic field, there have been no geomagnetic storms. Earth-effects have been limited to brief radio blackouts. This could change, however, in the days ahead. The giant active region is crackling with flares and a CME is overdue.

And this:

Giant sunspot AR2192 is growing again, which means high solar activity is unlikely to subside this weekend. NOAA forecasters estimate an 85% chance of M-class flares and a 45% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours.

Also this… in regards to the Israel angle of things I wrote about, yesterday:
Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar, declared the constant cycle of violence in Jerusalem an “intifada” on Saturday night, making rumors of a so-called “silent intifada” official despite declarations from the Israeli security establishment that statements to that effect are exaggerated.  …

According to the most recent Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) report on Jerusalem, terror has risen dramatically in the city since then – from 22 incidents in May and June to 152 in July and August, a whopping 509% increase.  The Israel Police stated at the end of September that over 600 arrests had been made, [but] it did little to stop the constant cycle of violence.

While the “silent intifada” has so far not been named by officials as a full-fledged Arab uprising, Science and Technology Minister Yaakov Perry (Yesh Atid), formerly the head of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), warned Thursday that the situation in Jerusalem is a “ticking time bomb” which will lead to a full-fledged third intifada.

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