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G’morning.  (Afternoon, now.)  I haven’t done one of these in… forever.  And I’ll admit – I’m doing it to stall.  Because Mondays are extra-ordinarily busy for me, and I don’t have the time to mess around with a post, just now.  Honestly?   I don’t even care to.  I’m in a bit of a funk.  Brian would tell you it’s “coming up on my time of the month”, and he’s probably right, but it’s more than that.

Costumes.  There’s less than a week to Halloween.  I stress about costumes.  SERIOUSLY stress about costumes this last week of October.  This year, I’m actually only making one and a half costumes.  Everything else we either bought and/or had on-hand.  But the ONE costume that I’m making…?  I don’t know how in the WORLD this is going to work.  And the half costume?  I’ve never gotten this in-depth in my entire life.  We’re talking extreme appearance alterations for Brian and I.  Brian said we should just not dress this year, but that ruins the fun of family theme, y’know?  And at this point I have too much invested.  I’ll just… stress a little longer.

Solar Stuff.  Did you see that I put a Sunday Solar update on Shabbat’s Solar post?  Well, I did.  And now there’s a Monday update, too.  This from Space Weather, this morning:

AR2192 is the biggest sunspot in nearly 25 years, and it is still growing. The active region now covers 2750 millionths of the solar disk, an area equivalent to 33 planet Earths skinned and spread out flat. It is so large that sky watchers are seeing it with the naked eye when the sun is dimmed by low-hanging clouds or, in this case, dense fog… 

Big sunspots tend to produce strong flares, and AR2192 is no exception. It is crackling with magnetic activity. In the past three days alone it has unleashed 3 X-class flares and 8 M-flares. The most intense of these flares have caused HF radio blackouts and other communication disturbances on the dayside of Earth.

Usually, strong flares are accompanied by massive CMEs–billion-ton clouds of electrified gas that billow away from the blast site. So far, however, none of the eruptions from AR2192 has produced a major CME. Without a series of CMEs to hit Earth and rattle our planet’s magnetic field, there have been no geomagnetic storms nor any widespread auroras.  More eruptions are in the offing. NOAA forecasters estimate an 85% chance of M-class flares and a 55% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours.

Solar Sector Sheet.  That’s not all… that sheet that we rippled thru a few days ago that caused a 7.6 earthquake down in Central America?  Well, we’re going to cross another one, later today.   Here’s the skinny:

High-latitude auroras are possible on Oct. 27th when Earth crosses through a fold in the heliospheric current sheet. This is called a “solar sector boundary crossing,” and NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of polar geomagnetic storms when it occurs.

Also… Incoming.  I didn’t see this on SpaceWeather like the other information, apparenty we’ve discovered an incoming asteroid two days ago that’s heading our way.  Seems like really short notice to me, but here’s what’s happening:

An asteroid, only discovered on Saturday, will be passing uncomfortably close to Earth on Monday, Oct. 27, as reported in an article published by Science 2.0 on Oct. 26. The asteroid, designated as 2014 UF56 by NASA, is about the size of a small house and would do considerable damage if it struck the planet.

Apparently, the chances of that happening are small, but, considering this object has only been known of for a few days, it’s possible there hasn’t been enough time to ensure it will pass safely.

The event is significant enough to warrant a live broadcast by the Virtual Telescope Project, which will be tracking the space rock’s progress as it nears Earth, using remotely controlled telescopes situated all around the planet and connected online. The closest pass to the planet will occur about noon Pacific Time on Monday. 

This could also be affecting my mood.  People get cranky when asteroids mess with the magnetosphere at the same time as the solar sector ripples.  R’something.  Sheesh…!!!!

Cut Hours.  I’m a little off (okay, a LOT off), too, because Brian’s hours have been cut the past week.  He’s down to eight hour days, and that’s really, really unusual for him.  I’m mostly not complaining – the Lord provides for us in every instance, and the two weeks before the announcement we had a LOT of side work here at the house, so we had a cushion to put aside ‘for a rainy day’… and now that rainy day money will help keep us floating where the checks are lean.  But it feels kind of weird.  And while I’m not complaining about having him home earlier in the evenings, it has an undertone of stress to it.

Personal Problem.  I’ve also been in a rotten mood since Shabbat evening, when we got a phone call that didn’t thrill my soul.  What I want to know is why people think I have to do what makes YOU happy, not what makes ME or my husband or my children happy?  Because I’m not following the logic of that.   Why should what I need be set aside for what you want?  The problem is that I’m a classic ‘responsible’ person – I’ve always done ‘the right thing’ for others out of a sense of responsibility or a need to make other people happy, to be ‘fair’ and ‘kind’ and ‘good’.  But it’s always been at a cost to my own happiness, and it NEVER earned me standing as a ‘fair’ or ‘kind’ or ‘good’ person that I hoped for.   Yet I kept trying.  Apparently I’m coriander-deficient… I self-sacrifice for other people.  But I have finally reached the point where I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT anymore, because what WE want, what *I* want is FINALLY taking precedence.  The problem I’m struggling with is the guilt issues I have always carried where saying ‘no’ is concerned.  It makes me feel greedy, and I don’t want to be greedy, but I’m coming to realize that it isn’t greed to look out for yourself, to put caustic things out of your life… nobody else is going to.  I REFUSE to cow to guilt, any longer.  So THAT’s going on, right now, too.  I’m not returning the phone call.  I don’t want to, so I’m not going to.  My husband doesn’t want to, so he’s not going to.  And when I asked my kids, they don’t want us to, either.  So we aren’t going to.  That simple.  On the surface, anyhow.  Dealing with myself is another story.

Picture Pile-Up.  In putting together the first ‘Snapshot Sunday’ in weeks, I discovered that I’m four months behind on my photo stuff, again.  And coming up on the end of the year, that’s a bad thing.  It’ll have to wait until after this week, but that’s on my list of things having to be tackled, too.

Spiritual Stuff.  I’m re-visiting Romans with Lydia and Brian right now, but at the moment, I’ve not been allowed to go any further in my own work.  Which is kind of weird, but He does this to me, sometimes.  I’m probably not going to even try to do anything until after 17 Cheshvan (it’s 3 Cheshvan, today, so for two weeks, no scripture study posts).  BUT… my friend Ali posted a blog a few weeks ago that was amazing, and I highly recommend people visit that, if they’re interested in being challenged a little.  I’ll probably write about it, myself, later…

Cider Calling.  We haven’t done cider-making in a few years, and I’ve *really* got a hankering to do it, soon.  Maybe next weekend.  I found a guy who has bags of ‘drops’ (apples that aren’t bad, just fell off the trees and touched the ground) at a great price – 50lb bags, 3 for $20.  I’d like to go and get some, soon.  It’d been really good for us to get out and do some pressing, together.  I’m looking forward to it.  I think it would be good for us.

Playlists!  I did have one huge wonderful thing happen, lately.  I discovered how to make playlists on Windows Media Player.  HUGE for me… you have NO idea how many videos I’ve downloaded for homeschooling, and trying to sort thru them was misery.  Now I have them categorized, in order, and all set to go.  I can go and get the others I need, soon.  One night when everything settles back down.  In the meantime, it’s been SO helpful!

Downer Day.  I didn’t mean to be such a little Miss Stormcloud, today.  I think I’ve needed a vent for a while.  And it’s kind of nice to be able to just… TALK out my issues.  It’s been a long time since I did one of these.  And I won’t feel guilty about it.

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