Guest Post: The Year of Moshiach

aNNa’S NoTe:  I find it ironic that when I was young, it was the christian church that was earnestly watching for Messiah’s return… and now that I’m older, it’s the JEWS who are earnestly watching for Messiah’s return.  They’re more about following Truth than Christians, although at the time my beliefs were forming, the opposite was true.  I believe that this revelation is also a sign of the times. 

But ten years ago, I had written a series on Daniel’s prophecies, and bemoaned the fact that the Jewish calendar was off by around 200 years – intentionally.  What I *NEVER* expected to see was the Jews correcting that error, NOW.  No kidding – it’s popping up all over the ‘Net… Jewish sages rescinding the actions of their predecessors.  Which is also a HUGE sign of the times!  And very exciting.  Please read this, and let it pump you as much as it did, me!  I’ll add my two cents in green, as always…

We’re now in the year 5775 on the Jewish calendar, which to the Western ear sounds a lot like some far-off year in a science fiction movie (Captain’s Log, Stardate 5775; we are leaving the Delta Rana star system).   But what sounds even more like science fiction is that, if historians have their way, we’re really 166 years into the future and even closer to Moshiach.

Because to these historians, the year is 5941 rather than 5775.

This chronological difference exists because historians say the Second Temple was built about 516 BCE when the Talmud in tractate Avoda Zara 8b-9a states it was built about 350 BCE. Some Torah scholars try to rectify this 166-year difference by saying the sages in the Talmud changed the date to prevent people from predicting the time of the coming of Moshiach ((it has worked, too – screwed everything up but good, grumble grumble…)), among other reasons.

((Those other reasons including that the correct time – using the book of Daniel – takes you DIRECTLY to Mosiach Yeshua bar Yosef… the Christ.  And they didn’t WANT Him to be the Messiah, they rejected Him.  So it was a very handy thing to throw off the count, at that time.  Although I don’t think it’s off by 166 years.  I can’t find it in my archives at the moment – I’ll look a little more in a while – but I thought it was closer to 230 years, for some reason?))

Yet what makes this especially interesting is that the Talmud (also Avoda Zara 9a) tells us the Messianic Age will end in the year 6000.  So to the historians, the era of Moshiach, along with the complete building of the Third Temple and the end of all wars and conflicts, must be well established within 59 short years.

((FOUND IT!!   It’s in a post called ‘Sixes and Sevens‘, and according to their estimations in 2003, time is off by 207 years.  So if the 2003 peeps are right, this year is 5982.  That’s 18 years left to 6000!!  And personally?  I believe we’re closer than that!))

As intriguing as this may sound, the year in our calendars say 5775 and not 5941.

We follow the Talmudic chronology. And we have now reached the last chapter of our two-millennium exile. The Jewish people as a whole have survived centuries of persecution, extermination attempts and the lures of assimilation because of our emuna in G-d, our unwavering commitment to both the written and oral Torah, our emunat chachamim (faith in the sages and Torah leaders) and by living our lives according to Jewish law, which is rooted in the Talmud.  And since it’s now 5775, the Talmud tells us that in just 225 years (which is a drop in the historical bucket), our exile will have been over and the era of Moshiach will have reached its glorious completion.

But the one point where the conventional and Talmudic chronologies seem to agree is that Moshiach is overdue.

Dawn2He can be here any time.  ((I know!!!))

We know Moshiach will come soon; we just don’t know exactly how soon. In fact, today’s Torah leaders say ours is the last generation before Moshiach and the complete redemption of the Jewish people. And some are saying the redemption process has already begun.  ((It has.  SQUEEEE!!!))

We also know the darkest time is before the dawn (the creation of the State of Israel after the Holocaust is just one historical example). All we have to do is look at the world around us to see the increased darkness gathering before the upcoming dawn of the messianic age.  In this new year of 5775, we face a dizzying array of potential and fierce darkness: an unprecedented Ebola pandemic, worldwide terrorism, a nuclear third world war (the War of Gog and Magog?) and even massive solar flares destroying cities’ electrical grids.  Besides this physical darkness looming over us, this era right before Moshiach is also one of intensified spiritual darkness. We’re surrounded by immorality, immodesty, atheism and never-ending temptations.

And Rebbe Nachman of Breslev knew this would happen more than 200 years ago.  Addressing our generation, Rebbe Nachman said, “It has already been predicted that there will be great temptations before the Messiah’s coming, where ‘many will purify themselves and be refined, and make themselves shining white’ in faith. Fortunate indeed is one who resists these temptations and remains firm in his belief. He will be worthy of all the good promised to us by the prophets and sages of old.”   Rebbe Nachman continued, “Still, I am revealing this for the sake of the few faithful who will remain strong in their belief. They will certainly have great conflicts. But when they see that this has already been predicted, it will give them additional strength and encouragement.”

For the entire world to recognize the power of G-d’s Kingship is what the age of Moshiach is all about. It’s the dawn that countless generations have been waiting and praying for.

May this year be the year when the dawn finally breaks, when all the darkness immediately and painlessly dispels into the intense light of spiritual awareness and the entire world finally recognizes G-d’s sovereignty.  This year, may we see with our own eyes the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem and our righteous Moshiach ushering in an age of unimaginable peace and closeness to G-d. Amen.

aNNa’S FiNaL NoTe:  You KNOW it’s the end times when the Jews are willing to admit that they’ve fricked up the count on purpose, and that they know we’re so close, you can taste it.  You know it’s the end times with Israel is looking up, and the rest of the world is busy with luvvvv and warm fuzzies, mocha lattes, and paraphrases of God’s Holy Word.  ((Brian told me this weekend that he works with a guy who goes to a ‘New Testament Only’ church.  WTHell is that?!?!?!!  They do realize that the NT is only a bunch of letters written to EXPLAIN the Old Testament fulfillments via Messiah, and that Messiah quotes the Old Testament at least 45 times per gospel account, right?!))  I can’t even BEGIN to think like that…

And the fact that the Jews are the ones looking up as redemption draweth nigh?  That just thrills my soul as I can’t even begin to tell you…!!!


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