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Snapshot Sunday

Having SEVERE issues with stuff. I think I need a new posting schedule to go with the new school year, cuz… this isn’t working.  I thought maybe new headers would help, but it’s still too much, and I’m overwhelmed.  It’s not a good thing, by any means.  For this week, it’ll have to do.  We’re getting closer, but stuff has to be broken down…


IMG_3953 (777x417)

This year the kids didn’t want to carve – they wanted to draw.
So we pulled out the Sharpies and let them have at it!


THE AVENGERS!!!  I still can’t look at Brian without busting up.  He turned out SO. FREAKIN’. AWESOME!!!   I’ve never tried to turn a rather hair-intensive white dude into a one-eyed bald black man, before, but… he turned out pretty durn good!!

IMG_3982 (705x777)

Somebody turned SEVEN this week!  Happy B-day, Aaron!!

DSCF6060 (777x267)

Free symphony orchestra and choir concert.  The theme?  ‘Music of the Seas’… hence the blue.  We go to the concert at this small community college every year, as the director is a friend of mine.  This time, we got to hear music from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’, “Pirates of the Carribean’, and ‘Frozen’, as well as old songs of the sea and selections from ‘Titantic’.  It was very well done!



Our poem this week was ‘Autumn’, by Emily Dickinson.  Basically it was about nuts turning brown, leaves turning red, stuff falling down, and a girl who gets into the colorful time of the year by putting on a trinket, herself.


IMG_3919 (1111x833)

This week:  Sketch something Fabric.
I did an afghan.  Ethan did a curtain.
Isaac did a shirt, while Aaron did pants.
Owen did a towel, and Lydia did a girl with a scarf.



This week we had to make something living, and take a picture of it out in nature.


IMG_3838 (777x569)

Our first Dr. Who episode was ‘Fires of Pompeii’.
The kids liked it so much, they ran off to make LEGO Tardis.

 IMG_3845 (583x777) IMG_3846 (571x777)

Ethan made Mt. Vesuvius, before and during eruption.

IMG_3841 (604x777)  IMG_3940 (500x666)

For lunch we had ‘potato mountains’.  There’s butter inside as molten magma, and the melted cheese is the lava.  And of course supper had to be chili, because my kids call kidney beans ‘volcano beans’.

IMG_3920 (801x1068)

We got the idea of a volcanic experiment from another Dr. Who site… you use red toothpaste, and sand, and show how a volcano erupts, how the lava travels up.  It was… messy and weird, but kind of kewl, too.


IMG_3923 (627x666)

We kind of backed up to match our music/art history lessons, for a few weeks.  The music history started with listening to sounds of nature, and the art started with painting with things from nature.  EasyPeasy said to paint on rocks, but I liked this idea, better.  So we have here (starting at 1 o’clock), mashed herbs/leaves (marjoram), ground roots (cumin), mashed berries (from a tree in the parking lot at karate), ground stem (cinnamon), and mud.  The cinnamon worked the best.

IMG_3925 (1111x833)

Yes, homeschoolers let their children play with fire.  We ripped up paper, then used a candle and burned the edges of our paper to age them.  I helped the little ones, and was RIGHT there on hand, in case of trouble, but we were fine, and everyone was very careful.  Then we painted with twigs chewed so the ends were like brushes.  It was kind of fun!

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