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Blown Away

I had to wait for a while to share this – until we were much closer to the date, so it was relevant at the time, but when I saw it… it blew me away.  And I’m pretty excited about it!

Do you remember Pastor Mark Biltz and his stupid theories about the tetrad?  If you don’t, they’re on my sidebar.  Basically, there are four blood-moon eclipses in a row, each on an important Biblical feast day, and so he claimed that they were pointing to something ‘End Times’-y… only since they happen over two years, he doesn’t really say what or when or … whatEVER.  He’s a moron, and if he thought they’d start the Seal Judgments, he’s wrong – they started in 2007, thanks.

Anyhow, I saw a chart a few weeks ago that… if Biltz only knew.  He has a *tiny* sliver of what’s actually going on.  Wanna see?  Cuz it’s totally amazing!!!

Okay, so that’s a lot.  So let me help you with that.  See the four big red circles in the middle?  Those are the blood moon eclipses that Biltz says portends the beginning of the end.  I’ve been watching them, because a) they happen on Biblical feasts, and that’s important to me, and b) because they happen seven years AFTER the start of the end times (2007 + 7 years = 2014).

But if you look at this?  It’s just a small part of the picture.  This chart starts 12/21/2010 (the ‘midpoint’ of the first seven years, if I’m right and everything started in 2007… and I am right.  He told me so.)  and it goes thru 1/21 2019.   That’s a LOT longer than Biltz’ piddly little 2014/15 tetrad!  And look at the symmetry of these events!  It’s absolutely astounding – everything is perfectly lined up.  Not just four lunar eclipses… EIGHTEEN eclipses.  Can you believe that!?!

What I really want you to look at, though, is the middle line.  The ‘midpoint’ of this symmetrical picture.  Did you notice the date on it?  January 5, 2015.   That’s Monday’s date.  It’s the middle of the whole thing.  So of COURSE this made me sit up and do a serious double-take.

More… the date is 1/5/15.   Here’s what the site I found this picture at says:

On New Years Day, 1/1/15, the sun in Capricorn will be opposite the star Sirius in Cancer, and the north node in Libra will be opposite Uranus, these two oppositions forming a relatively rare grand cardinal cross with deep …esoteric charge since it involves the north node, designating our soul’s evolutionary journey, and the star Sirius, connected to our galactic origins and destiny.

Also on 1/1/15, Saturn will be exactly opposite the moon at the star Alcyone in the Pleadies …suggesting that [He who dwells within us] is prepared to rise… and lead valiantly in the …battle for which we have been selected and for which we have volunteered. The midpoint of the …eclipse sequence of [2010-2019] falls just four days later on 1/5/15. One’s and five’s everywhere

The numbers, the alignments, the constellations they take place in (Atonement, the Prince to come, Judgment, Satan, and the Seven churches/timeline of Grace)… it’s all pretty astounding.  Especially looking at that chart.

But I want to take it further… because is there MORE?  Why, yes, there is!!  Guess what else happens the morning of 1/5/15?  It’s the
full moon in Cancer midnight.  Cancer being the ‘place of refuge’, and the moon being ‘God’s chosen’.  More than that?  It’s ANOTHER cardinal cross –  with the Moon at Sirius parallel to 14′ Cancer on the ecliptic opposite Sun at 14′ Capricorn and square node at 14′ Libra.  That’s two of them, both on days heavy on 1’s and 5’s, and four days apart (testing/love).

Because they’re all lined up at 14s (positions on the celestial ecliptic), I wanted to know what the number ’14’ means in Biblical numerology.  Here’s what I read:

Fourteen : 14 — The Biblical Meaning of Number 14: comes from my understanding, that it normally deals with one gaining some type of spiritual perfection. It also deals with something that is doubled measured in strength, or some type of spiritual completeness that is twice over.

Being a multiple of 7, 14 partakes of its importance and, being double that number, implies a double measure of spiritual perfection. The… genealogy of [Messiah Yeshua] is divided up and given in sets of 14 (2×7) generations, two being associated with incarnation.  The generations from Abraham to David are FOURTEEN generations, from David until the captivity in Babylon are FOURTEEN generations, and from the captivity in Babylon until the Christ are FOURTEEN generations.

The number 14 represents deliverance or salvation and is used twenty-two times in the Bible.  The fourteenth day of the first month is the Passover, when God delivered the firstborn of Israel from death. Some 430 years earlier, on the night of the 14th day of the first month, God made two covenant promises to Abraham — one of the physical seed, Isaac, and his descendants, and one of the spiritual seed, [Messiah Yeshua], and the sons of God who would come through Him, who would shine like the stars of heaven (Matthew 13:43).

In other words, fourteen is deliverance, a double measure of perfection, resulting in spiritual completion.  There are FOUR instances of it:  The physical promise of deliverance (by way of Abraham’s line), the spiritual promise of deliverance (by way of Messiah, foretold), the intellectual promise of deliverance (by way of Pesach, the ‘test run’ of deliverance from the world/Egypt), and then the coming relational promise of deliverance – the rapture.

Huge.  HUGE.  So if you wanted to know my next ‘most likely rapture date’, it would be tomorrow!

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