´¯`•. January 11, 2015

If I had a Hammer

This was our folk song in school, last week.  My kids had never heard of it, and it came up in conversation… and I thought, “There is NO way my kids can go thru life not knowing that song”.  It’s practically an American Anthem.  And every day, I wrote on my hand ‘hammer’ to remind myself to look up the Peter, Paul, and Mary clip on YouTube so that the kids could hear it done by someone other than me.  And every day I forgot.  And the next day I’d write ‘hammer’ on my hand again, again… and the kids just laughed at their idiot mother who kept writing on herself and never doing anything with it.

So finally yesterday I remembered to look it up.  They were unimpressed with Peter, Paul and Mary.  ((Well, I liked it! It was a video from 1964, for pity’s sakes!))  And I wondered what the heck, but… hrmph.

Then I was looking down that sidebar at YouTube, and saw some guy who did ‘If I had a Hammer’ in his car on the way to work.  It looked like he did a bunch of takes and put them together… but it was SIX MINUTES long.  PP&M’s version was a minute and a half!  Yeesh!  But I clicked on it, and… you have GOT to hear this!

Didn’t he do a fantabulous job?!  I was floored.  The kids LOVED it.  So very well done (for a nerd.  He’s definitely a nerd.).  But nerds seem to be the most talented people, and being a fellow nerd (or at least a serious nerd wannabe), I had to share.

THIS… is good stuff.

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