´¯`•. January 20, 2015

The Heavens Declare

nasa-apollo8-dec24-earthrise1-jupiterFrom SpaceWeather.com

Jupiter and Earth are converging for a (relatively) close encounter in early February when the giant planet is at opposition–that is, directly opposite the sun in the midnight sky. This sets the stage for an extraordinary sequence of events. For the next couple of months, backyard sky watchers can see the moons of Jupiter executing a complex series of mutual eclipses and transits.

…The moons of Jupiter will be passing in front of one another and in front of Jupiter with fair frequency through March 2015 and beyond. This is happening because Jupiter’s opposition on Feb. 6th coincides almost perfectly with its equinox on Feb. 5th (when the Sun crosses Jupiter’s equatorial plane). It is an edge-on apparition of the giant planet that lends itself to eclipses, occultations and transits.

The next big event is right around the corner. On Jan. 24, 2015, beginning at approximately 06:26 UT (1:26 AM EST), the three moons Io, Callisto and Europa will simultaneously cast their inky shadows on Jupiter’s cloudtops. This is called a “triple shadow transit,” and it is rare. The timing favors observers in North America where the planet will be shining high in the sky in the constellation Leo. Anyone with a backyard telescope is encouraged to watch this easy-to-observe event. (Advice: Start watching at least 30 minutes ahead of time.)

aNNa’S NoTe:  Jupiter is symbolic of Yehovah in Biblical Astronomy.  It’s going to have a ‘triple shadow this week – ON Shabbat – followed by another huge set of events twelve days later (12 being a really big number for Yehovah.)  That it’s happening in Leo is another big sign that this is pointing to Yehovah doing something big… Leo is the King’s Constellation, referencing the house of Judah and Messiah.  I’m looking at this, and thinking that it might be interesting to watch and see what happens.

In other news, the other day I updated the sidebar.  As I was doing so, I re-read a post about the little prophet boy in Israel.  In it, he said that BEFORE Purim 2015, Temple Mount would ‘fall’.  Now that could mean fall into other hands, it could mean it ‘falls’ as in it’s blown up… I don’t know.  But that’s a pretty darn precise prediction, there.  Purim is March 4/5, this year.  So I’m watching – it will be telling as to whether or not these ‘autistics’ are the real deal or not, and I’m interested.

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