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thankful……………. for .…………….

  • Girls’ night out!  This week – for the first time in… gosh, I don’t remember the last time.  October 2013, I think I went out with my friend Shannon in K-zoo and her girls.  So it’s been a while since I’ve been out anywhere without my children!  Anyhow, THIS Wednesday I dropped the kids off to Brian at work and met my girlfriend Ramona… and she took me out for my first Mediterranean dinner, ever.  It. Was. SOOO. Good!!  And fun… homigosh, I had fun.  I ordered a sampler plate thing, and told the waitress I had NO idea what stuff was, so she was really nice and stood around, helping to identify crazy-looking dishes… and I nibbled a little of everything, then took home FIVE leftover boxes, and our whole family had supper off it the next night – everyone got to try all the different foods.  We had a ball.  And Ramona must’ve thought I was an idiot – writing down the names (and appearance) of everything on the table, so I could tell Brian and the kids what it all was.  And as for Ramona and I… we had a good time chatting and laughing and just hanging out.  It was a great night.
  • PAYDAY!!  Today is payday.  It’s a wonderful day, because I’m all caught up!  What I mean is that… in the past two weeks, I paid our winter taxes (out of last year’s tax return… I always work it that way), paid our quarterly mortgage… got all caught up.  I don’t like having things sitting, needing to be done.  But with the holly-daze, I get concerned, and hang on to stuff, just in case, and then sort out everything, afterwards.  So it’s all sorted out, now!  And we’re EIGHT days from the end of the month, so two more things need to come in the mail before we can submit our taxes for this year.  Excited to get THAT assembled and ready to go, too. 
  • And not only that, but we got an extra check this week.  Brian’s been getting some side work – just finished a project two weeks ago, and has another little job coming in next weekend.  So I can play a little catch-up from the holly-daze, and make sure everything is all set.  If anything is left over after that, I can take the extra check left-over and get our first camping reservations… because Brian’s grandparents, aunt/uncle, and cousins all have their reservations in, and would like us to come along, again.  ((We camped with them last year.  It went better than we’d expected!))  So I have some fin-iguring to do, today, but it’s gonna be good stuff!
  • Free e-books!  I just found out there are mini-eBooks in between the thirteen books I posted yesterday.  I tried to get them on Amazon, but they’ve been pulled.  ((Which peeved me, greatly.))  They’re on B&N for $2 each, but… ((hate B&N)).  But I went to the author’s website, and guess what?!  She has them all on-line on her website, for FREE!!!  Wa-HOOO!  So it looks like I’m going to be reading off my computer, today.  ((As far as the actual books go, I’m ready to start ‘Widow’s Web… so that means I’m on book 6))  I have the first eight here at home.  It being payday, tonight or tomorrow is grocery day, which is a block from the library that has books nine thru thirteen!  WoooooT!
  • MONDAY my cousin starts work back at Brian’s workplace.  My cousin and Brian used to be very good friends, once upon a time.  Brian even got him in at his shop.   Then he got mixed up in… something very strange and not right.  He ended up quitting and moving far away for a long time… but I think he’s gotten free of that whole thing, and he’s coming back – has moved back down here over the past few weeks, and starts at Brian’s shop on Monday.  I’m very happy to have my cousin back in the area.  And I hope that he and Brian can re-kindle their friendship.  Kinda giddy about the whole thing!
  • GRKids.com has come up with a list of 101 free things to do with kids in Michigan.  I’m LOVING the list – thinking we’re going to have to work our way through them.  It’s very exciting, because I was hoping to find some really good field trips, coming up here.  I’m loaded, now!
  • Coming out of my congestion fog.  SO nice… except that when I hauled myself up, this morning… wha.  You did NOT want to see the kitchen.  It’s better, now… two loads in the dishwasher has made it slightly better, not to mention washing counters and stove and then sweeping.  Next up, vaccuuming…!  I hope Brian feels better today, too.  He went from being up every half hour Tuesday night to being up every hour Wednesday, and being up every three hours last night.  So we’re making progress!
  • We’re watching a new TV series.  Every three years or so, we decide to blitz a TV series, just for fun.  ((On DVD – we don’t have TV.))  We did ‘Alias’ at the old house, and then again three years later at the new house, and then we did ‘Ghost Whisperer’ about three years ago.  This time we’re doing “ONCE upon a Time”… and it’s been really interesting, so far.  I have a minor crush on Rumplestiltskin.  He’s got the absolutely best giggle, ever.  Anyhow, so now the kids look are eager for night school lessons… because when they’re done (and if they participate well), we get an episode of “Once”.  It’s a good time.
  • SNOW!  I love the earth covered with snow.  We’ve been having such lovely adventures on weekends, out in the snow.  As long as it stays below 32 degrees?  I’m happy.  The view out our windows is wonderful.
  • Owl City.  My daughter has us listening to Owl City, which is… so bouncy and sacchrine, mostly… but the WORDS!!!   The man is genius with lyrics.  “We’ll take a walk thru the cornfield and I’ll kiss you between the ears”.  Like that.  It’s so cute, and witty and awesome.  I just listen and listen and listen…  “With fronds like these, who needs anenomes?”  It’s so fun!!  I bounce around singing Owl City all the time, now.  Wanna hear?


  • Extra curriculars.  They had PUPPIES at hymn sing the last time we went there – so the kids got to cuddle puppies AND sing hymns.  I sat out karate to write down the Dani Ponz (?!) and first set of walking exercises, because we were getting SOOO confused.  This should help.  After we’re all recovered and moving, again, that is.  And it looks like Lydia and I might be joining an 8-week choir group, soon.  I’m excited… to sing again?!  Yes!
  • My daughter had a slumber party a week or so ago at a friend’s house, and the older sister is a photographer, and did a shoot with Lydia.  Here and there, pictures have been coming out, ever since, which brightens my day HUGELY on on Facebook.  So fun to see what they did! 
  • Of course we were under strict orders NOT to watch “Once” without her… in fact, she decided that we had to get the latest Transformer movie (that she didn’t want to see) and watch that, instead.  Which… okay, it sucked.  Except one scene… Stanley Tucci (one of my kids’ FAVORITE actors) is running, trying to get away from the bad guys, and there are three ancient Chinese women blocking up the hallway, and he shouts, “How do you say ‘GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY’ in Chinese!?”  And I bounced on the sofa and said, “I know!  I know!  ‘Wo men zo ba!  Wo men zo ba!’  Let’s go, let’s go!  I can help Transformers!!”  My kids were like, “Seriously?  We can use our Chinese for that?!”  THAT, my luvs, is practical application of our home education.  Saving Optimus Prime.  LoL!!
  • Finally doing a Thankful post.  I’ve meant to, for a while now.  I just… got mired.  Things are looking up!  Who knows… maybe He’ll prompt me to study something, soon.  It’s been too long, and I desperately want to hear from Him, again…
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