´¯`•. January 26, 2015

Moon-fullFull moon

In January, I posted that there was a special event happening at the same time as the full moon.  You can read all about it here, but basically it was the full moon in Cancer midnight, at the same time as a cardinal cross alignment –  with the Moon at Sirius parallel to 14′ Cancer on the ecliptic opposite Sun at 14′ Capricorn and square node at 14′ Libra. The full moon in Cancer calls attention to ‘the sheepfold‘ in Biblical Astronomy.

I wrote about it in January as an important and interesting event, in and of itself.  But it turns out, it’s not the only full moon event.  There are THREE in a row (that I know of – I’d be thrilled if there was more).

The second full moon?
It falls on Tu B’Shevat.  It’s in Aquarius – ‘He who will Pour out‘.

The third full moon?
It falls on Purim, and is located in Virgo, ‘the Harvest‘.  This full moon features Mars, Venus and Uranus conjunct within the south node… and it’s not just a conjunction – the third blood moon eclipse takes place.

There’s a story unfolding in these events, falling out one after another, ON the Jewish feast days.  More than that, from what I’ve read, the conjunction and eclipse combined on the third full moon?  It points to a ‘change in enslavement protocol‘… or a freeing that is set in motion.

Very exciting stuff!

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