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cooltext1783293293~~~~~Chpt 32-33: Ni Hao, China! ~~~~~~~

I have huge apologies to make.  I haven’t been doing ‘Story of the World’ activities.  We haven’t stopped reading the chapters, but this fall I kind of had a bit of a personal break-down, and we went down to bare-bones schooling.  The fun bits got sucked out of it.  And the fun bits that I did dredge up?  I didn’t blog… because I wasn’t blogging.  So I have some catch-up to play… for the sake of my ‘SotW’ Pinterest board.

Chapters 31 and 32 in ‘Story of the World’ are chapters about China.  This year, for school we are learning to speak Chinese, by watching YouTube videos called ‘Chinese with Emma‘.   We love Emma, and have a lot of fun watching her.

Actually, we really started Chinese last year.  I put together counting sheets, and every month last year, we learned to count to ten in a different language.  We did… oh, let me think… German, French, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, ASL, Roman Numerals, Hellenistic, Norwegian, Spanish, Arabic… I don’t remember.  It was fun.  And we did learn to count in Chinese, then.  But THIS year we started to really learn to speak Chinese.

I did do a Chinese project with the kids for Chapter 32… the chapter on Ancient China.  I had the kids take Legos and DuPLOs and make a ‘Great Wall of China’ all the way thru the house.  It went thru three rooms, by the time they were done.  And yes, I got a picture:

IMG_4009 (583x777)Well… that’s part of it, anyhow.  LoL!!!

Chapter 32 was about Confucius, and the wisdom that he imparted.  I looked up some of his quotes, but with the motivational memes all over FaceBook these days, they just sound like anything else out there.  I did tell my kids about the twist on them that I’d heard as a kid… like “Confucius say, ‘Man who fart in chapel, sit in his own pew’.”  They got a kick out of that.  But when I tried to find more funnies, they were… um, kind of not for children.

So instead I went to my go-to ‘Story of the World’ help sites, and found this page on writing in Chinese.  Since we already know the numbers (speaking them), why not learn to write them?

So there’s that.  Something fun, something interesting… and gives the kids a little taste of Chinese writing/calligraphy!

PS:  It’s not really ‘Ni Hao, China’.  My title really should be ‘Ni Hao, Zhong Guo’. But because most people here don’t speak Chinese, and I’m an American (Mei Guo Ren), I got cheatish.  Go with it.

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