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Three from the Past

A few days ago, there was a post in a FB group I belong to.  It was about cliff jumping in Marquette.  It caught my attention, because I’ve seen/heard a lot of references to cliff jumping, there… and having lived there for much of my growing up years, you’d think that I would’ve known about it, back then.  I didn’t, though.  Everything I’ve heard has been since the Internet age.  So I missed out on the whole cliff jumping experience.

Truth be told?  I’m a little miffed at having missed out on it.
((I’m also miffed that I never saw Marquette’s lighthouse.  I swear…))

This pic is of Black Rocks… not the same as the quarry cliff that was on my FB group, but you get the idea.

What caught my attention when I saw the picture of the cliff diving, though, wasn’t just that.   It was that I recognized three of the commenters under the picture.  Very strange.  Three men from my past… each from completely different places.  They don’t know each other (that I know of).  And it kind of took me aback, to see three names I knew in a row, like that… while having them be so totally unrelated.

The first is a good friend of mine.  He worked in Pop’s shop on base, and kind of became a big brother to me – our family kind of adopted him while he was in the U.P.  ((We also dated a couple times, but mostly we’ve always just been friends.))  Seeing that he wrote about how he’d gone cliff jumping there, I was even MORE outraged!  He never told me about that place, either!  Traitor!!  (I’m teasing, P.  You know that.)  But it surprised me to see him post over there.  Like bumping into a friend at the store, or something.  That’s not my typical reality… so it made me smile.

The second guy… well, remember the post from a few weeks ago, when I said I sent a friend request to a guy from my old Bible study?  And had always begged for acceptance, and even now, he wouldn’t grant my friend request?  HIM.  Yeah.  Seeing his name anywhere near my friend’s name pissed me off.  Seeing that he was a braggish about how he went cliff jumping there all the time… Anger.  I do not like that man.  I was shocked and then affronted and then angry.  Just because of my own issues, yes, but…  Then I wondered if he knew my friend.  No.  I wasn’t going to even think about that.

The third guy?  We went to high school together.  Haven’t seen his name in years, so it was a surprise to see him post under that picture.  Apparently he’s career military, grew up to be an SP.  Has a kid.  Not that it matters.  We didn’t hang in the same crowd, I don’t think I ever spoke to him at school.  Totally ambivalent… except to say, ‘Whoa, there’s a blast from the past!’  But after seeing his name under the other two, I thought… ‘Do they know each other?  These guys that didn’t know they all three had me in common?  That place in common?  Had they ever run into each other there?  Or on base?  Kind of crazy to think about.  Very ‘Seven degrees of Separation’, or something.

Three guys.  Three different background experiences.
And more interesting, three very different reactions from me.

I don’t know why, but I keep thinking about it, over and over.  It’s kind of weird… it doesn’t mean anything.  Why does stuff – completely irrelevant stuff like this – sometimes seem so poignant?  Why does it stick with us?  It’s very odd, don’t you think?  I don’t know, but I just felt like writing about it.  Because it just struck me as… something.  If you know what, feel free to let me know, cuz I’m totally stumped, other than to say that I’m apparently very strange.

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