´¯`•. February 08, 2015


  1. The weekend.  It went far, far too fast, but it was a nice at-home weekend.
  2. Side work.  Brian’s had two weeks solid of side work, which means he’s out puttering to his heart’s content in the shop.  It’s nice to help with building up our emergency fund, again, too.
  3. Finally making it to a Saturday karate.  I’m not sure we’ll do it again, though.  Getting up for it was misery, and those three hellion little boys were there.  Yeahnothanksactually.  We went because there was a meeting.  They didn’t discuss anything that I thought needed to be addressed, but then that’s typical.
  4. My brother’s baby is doing well, and is now taking formula, or so I hear.  Please keep praying for their new baby.  It was a rough start for the little girl.
  5. A busy month.  My calendar is already packed, and there’s sure to be more to add to it.  Keeping busy keeps us young.
  6. Catching a beautiful little fuzz-ball of a feral kitten that’s been living under our deck.  I don’t know if we can tame it or not, but at least it’s not killing our birds, anymore.  The blood around the snow under the feeder was extreme.  There are two other wild cats out there, yet… I’m hoping we trap them, too.
  7. Finally finishing that assassin series (well… until they come out with more).  I needed to move on.
  8. Finishing season TWO of ‘Once’.  We’re absolutely loving it.  Everyone does Rumplestiltskin impersonations, all of the time.  It’s so fun.  Lots of laughs.  We’ll get season three, soon!
  9. Learning!  I’m actually finally learning to play the guitar.  I have G major, A major, E major, D major, and A minor, now.  We’ve also done quick change drills for them, in between, and we’re doing really well!
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