´¯`•. February 20, 2015

Trains and Boats and Planes

It’s been a while since I’ve done a LegoQuest.  I haven’t even pulled over the graphics for that, yet… but I loved the fact that we’ve had some amazing LegoQuests in our school, lately.

The ideas last year were from the actual LegoQuest site – they had 52 LegoQuest topics, one for each week.  But being thru them all, we’re getting more creativ  e, this year.  We base them on things that we learn that week (or watch that week). For example, the China unit from ‘Story of the World’ found us building a Great Wall of China that spanned half the house.

These three came from VERY different places.  We’re doing research reports every week with the two older kids based on history lessons from “Quantum Leap”, the TV show.  The first episode was about breaking the sound barrier with the Belle X-1.  So their report was on what is the sound barrier (Mach measurements), and for Lego Quest, I had them all make Lego Belle X-1s.

We are watching a different musical every Sunday (or Saturday) night, this year, too.  Two weeks ago, it was ‘ShowBoat’… so I had them work together to build a Showboat – a large paddleboat.  The two requirements were that it a) was ornate, and b) that the paddle actually turned.  They had a ball putting it together, and I have to admit… I was pretty impressed.


Last week, our musical was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats.  They thought it was so kewl when the cats gathered junk from around the stage and built a ‘train’ for Shimbleshanks (the railway cat).  So I told them to grab Lego pieces and see what kind of wonky train THEY could assemble, for our LegoQuest this week.


My camera was knocked to the wrong setting, so things might be a touch blurry, but… there they are.

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