´¯`•. March 15, 2015

IMG_4606 (573x777)First hike of the Year.

I have wanted to get out to see the Big Sable Lighthouse, but last year it was sub-zero temps when we were in the area, so we decided to put it off until this year.  Today we hiked out to see it… in only near sub-zero temps.

IMG_4605 (583x777)It did not go well.  First, the only way to get to it is a 1.8 mile hike.  Doesn’t sound too terrible… but that’s one-way.  So it’s actually 3.6 miles.  Which didn’t really register with me, until we were underway.  I saw 1.8 and wasn’t thinking.  Add to that the fact that we were all sick with ear infections and fevers, just two days before.  Owen and I were still slightly under the weather.  And then add to it that nothing has been maintained over the fall/winter/early spring, and drifting sand from the dunes mostly covered the trail… so we weren’t just hiking 3.7 miles with a group of physically drained children in near-freezing temps, we were hiking 3.7 miles in sand with a group of physically drained children in near-freezing temps.

I now know a tiny fraction of how military guys in basic feel.  Because I carried Owen on my back (the equivalent of a 50lb rucksack with no straps) thru sand for a good third of the trip.  Brian carried him on his shoulders a little over another third of the trip.  It was… not the easiest, happiest hike we’ve ever taken.  I was ROASTING on the way there – at that point, there was no wind, and with the exertion, extra weight and weakened system, I was overheating.  On the way back, the wind picked up off the water, and It. Was. C-c-c-cold.  Luckily, it’s always quicker going back then going to someplace.  And I have to admit that the ice formations on the lake were beautiful.  It looked like a desert with the sand blown over the ice hills.

Definitely an adventure, but not exactly what I had in mind…

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