´¯`•. March 18, 2015


Good Morning.  It feels absolutely surreal, to be quite honest with you.  Being home… I don’t know.  The world isn’t right.  It never is, after vacation.  It’s like life is altered… but it’s worse, this year, because I never recovered from November so everything was altered before the trip, and coming home is just… it’s… so weird.

Our Vacation.  We had a WONDERFUL time at Great Wolf Lodge.  Much better than any visit, ever before.  Why?  Because this year Baby Owen is tall enough to be allowed on EVERY slide/ride, as long as he went with an adult.  So this was the first year we didn’t have to split up and have one person stay with Owen in the kiddie area or lazy river while the other parent took the bigger kids on the slides.  This year, we got to ride together – ALL of us!  It was amazingly nice, and so much easier.

Hotel Stays.  My children – believe it or not – love just playing in the hotel room as much as the like the waterpark.  They were actually begging to go back to the room and sit in front of the fire, climb around in the KidKabin in our room, and play in our room.  It’s kind of crazy, kind of lazy, and all shades of nice.  We had a much more relaxed visit, and it made a huge difference, too.

Hairy Hombres.  I like to people watch.  Great Wolf is a great place to do that, too.  It’s fun to check out tattoos, swimsuits, crazy hairdos… and this year, it was all about da facial hair.  EVERYONE out there has a beard, anymore.  It was amazing.  There were two kinds of guys – the ones who were buzzed, shaved, and like hairless rats (think Neo when he wakes up in the pink-gooey pod), and the guys who have hair and beards.  I love the beards.  It’s what separates the men from the boys, the guys from the gals.  But then I’m partial… my man has had a beard (or at least a goatee) for 18 years straight, now!

Driving Home.  Since I already wrote about our trip up (with the hike to the Big Sable), I have to tell you… we decided to try a new way home.  We always take either US131N up, or US31 up the lakeshore to see stuff.  But there’s another route, I saw on our road atlas. (And yes, we’re old fashioned and I use a map.  GPS is foreign and sci-fi to us.)  We took M-37 home.  It was… completely barren.  Just woods, woods, and more woods.  Whatever buildings and homes were along the road were abandoned and decrepit.  It was just so still...!  And halfway down, we saw a bald eagle on the side of the road – it took off from right next to our van!

Playing Catch-Up.  I feel like all I ever do, anymore on this site, is play catch-up.  I know it’s partly because we’ve been sick, and party because I’m still dealing with residual November, but still.  What was November?  Really?  I don’t know what it was, but I just can’t shake it.  I don’t feel the same, anymore.  I have absolutely no motivation or gumption or… anything.  But it’s worst here, on the blog.  When my mom destroyed my diaries, I couldn’t re-start, again.  I tried and tried, but it was just over.  And then weblogs came along, and I took up this, so that I would have a semblance of diarying… but then November.  And ever since, it seems like this is over, too.  I post in hindsight.  Will it get me thru?  Or are things wrapping up?  ((It’s rhetorical – don’t answer that.))

Due North.  My next goal is to put together our spring vacation trip.  This year’s week-long trip is going to be to the U.P.  I’m a little overwhelmed… there is just SO much to do, up there!!  I mean… when we considered doing a jaunt to Indiana for X-mess, I sat down and actually planned an entire trip around the state, and Indiana is completely doable in a week (and a half… we might have to leave off a few things.  Or do two Indiana trips.  Or a thru-Indiana-on-the-way-somewhere trip.).  There’s just… not a lot there, that I found.  But the U.P?  I could do THREE trips, I’m betting.  It’s just gorgeous and loaded with hikes, climbs, treks, falls, and adventures.

New Glasses.  For posterity’s sake (already discussed at FB), I’m getting new glasses.  The anti-whatever (glare?  scratch?) on my old ones is actually peeling off in tiny fissures, and I can’t see a THING, anymore.  And of course, in order to get new glasses, I had to have an eye exam.  It’s been half a decade since I’ve been in, and they were not happy about that (considering I wear contact lenses that old).  Honestly?  If I didn’t need new glasses, I wouldn’t have even gone in, now.  And my prescription didn’t change ((again)), so the fuss is just stupid.  But the kids LOVED coming in and helping Mama try to find new frames.  They unanimously (Brian included) picked out BLUE ones for me.  They’re dark slate blue, but still.  Very strange.  I’m not a color kinda gal, typically.  And the frames are plastic… I haven’t had plastic frames since I was eleven, for pity’s sakes.  SO crazy.  But maybe the change will be good.  Maybe not looking thru fissures all day long will improve my outlook (haha, very punny…), get rid of the residual November.

Auditions.  Also for posterity’s sake (already discussed at FB), just before going on vacation, I auditioned for a singing solo with the choir that Lydia and I have joined, this spring.  It’s been wonderful, getting to go ‘back home’ and be with friends, again… to be able to sing.  I have missed singing with friends.  The Sweet Adelines just did not cut it.  It wasn’t the same.  And yes, it means an incredibly long commute every week just to sing, but it’s WORTH it.  It feels so good.  Anyhow, there are something like fifteen solos in the show, and I auditioned for one.  I think I did pretty freakin’ awful, (sick/congested last week), but at least I gave it a go.  Either way, I feel fulfilled – it’s about trying, not necessarily winning.  I’m happy, just having gone thru with the audition.  So there’s that.

Home Again.  Anyhow… today is a ‘home again’ day.  Swimsuits to wash.  Kids to de-chlorinate.  Food to return to the pantry.  Suitcases to shove back into storage.  Everything to plug back in, get running, again.  I’m kind of glad to be back, and at the same time, I wish vacation could go on, forever.  Or at least until I feel satisfied.  A few days is just not enough, y’know?  But at least we had a ‘refresher’.  And it was fun… good memories.

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  1. I don’t even know what happened in November.. which moved on right through into February seriously. It’s sort of still hanging in March now, maybe hoping it will get gone by the time the weather stops being cold. I have like 15 posts just sitting there unpublished, a stack of stuff in my room that’s sky high, and no desire to move. You’ll smirk I know, I think I’ve mentioned that I’m beard phobic, but my guy has started growing one. I tease him and call him my Keanu-hobo, because he grows a dark patchy beard like Keanu does. I’m not thrilled about it, but I’ll indulge him because I think it’s his way of mourning leaving his country and single-life behind. Glad you had fun, and hope everyone is feeling better.


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