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Tomorrow’s Big SEVEN

In case you haven’t read elsewhere, tomorrow there are ‘three’ celestial events happening at the same time.  Big ‘uns.  Not *RARE* ones, like the Independent article says (for pity’s sakes, there’s a spring equinox every flippin’ year, hello…!), but that all ‘three’ are at the same time is something highly unusual, and worth mentioning.  Shall we start with the Independent article?


solareclipseAs the eclipse plunges the UK and other places into darkness this Friday, two other rare if less spectacular celestial events will be taking place, too: a Supermoon and the Spring equinox. …because the moon is new rather than full on March 20, it won’t be seen. But it will be gliding past us closer than ever, and its shadow will be visible as it blocks out the sun on Friday morning.   …The equinox will also happen on March 20. While it won’t have any discernable, direct impact on how the solar eclipse looks, it will contribute to a rare collision of three unusual celestial events.

Okay, but they’re not ‘unusual’ celestial events, now.  Let’s be a little realistic.  There are a LOT of supermoons, eclipses, and there’s a dadgum spring equinox every spring. Did you notice that I put three in single quotations?  That’s because that’s not all:


The final Pluto Uranus alignment and the March solar eclipse Friday occur afternoon over Jerusalem.  Pluto is the slowest moving planet, spending 10-12 years in each sign… 

1 Nissan, the solar eclipse, was the beginning of time, and in the midst of the blood moons, marks … the kingdom of heaven is nigh, that is what the blood moons have always been about, labor pangs and new thresholds of light. World events at this time and especially external events related to prophecy are all the more reason to birth the consciousness that is the purpose of the times in which we find ourselves, the rift between the afternoon on Friday and sunset on the onset of Sabbath. Quite appropriately, the eclipse occurs exactly at midday on Friday in Jerusalem followed by the spring equinox as the Sabbath of the new moon of Nissan, echoing the beginning of Time, arrives with the Shabbat candles containing the Light from before creation as the sun disappears below the horizon and the Bride comes in. The book of Leviticus is read in the morning …Shabbat flood the world and turn Friday (Yom Shishi, the 6th day) incrementally into the realm of holiness and separation (Yom HaShvii, the 7th day), a distinction that allows for the infinite revelation of Shabbat to find a resting place in this world.

So not only is Friday a Supermoon, a Solar Eclipse, and Spring Equinox, but it’s Shabbat (and the eclipse happens exactly at mid-day on Jerusalem time!), it’s the last Pluto alignment… and it takes place as the Jewish new year begins.  You see, each new moon begins a new month, and Friday at sunset begins the Hebrew month of Nisan… which is the first month of the new year for them.

More than that, it is directly between the two feasts, Purim and Pesach.  So actually it’s a collision of SEVEN events.  But if you’re not following your Bible, you wouldn’t know that!!

Now having said, there was an article the other day that I was reading about the comparison/contrast of Purim and Pesach… and it is TOTALLY relevant to the seven events lined up for tomorrow.  I’ll post that, tomorrow.  (With my markings to help, of course.)

But for today… SEVEN events.  One day.  Tomorrow!!!

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