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G’morning.  Thought I’d do a last one of these, because for a while it’s going to be all Pesach posts, all the time.  ‘Cuz that what the Anna do.  ((<< I watch entirely too much ZeFrank.  My homeschooling is irreverent, I don’t recommend it for normal people to use.))  Anyhow, I need to talk.  Again.  Ad nauseum.

St. Patty’s Storm.  This year TRIED to prove me wrong.  I walk around, telling everyone (every. single. year.) that it’s not spring until after the St. Patty’s storm.  It comes sometime within the 10 days around St. Patrick’s Day.  But this year… no storm.  No snow.  I was… peeved.  Until I saw that there was a St. Patty’s day storm.  And it occurred all the world ’round, this year.  But it happened VERY differently than ever before:

Chauvinism.  Can I just say right now that I’m going on day three of being royally offended?  The other day a guy was talking about safety and children with my family, and said that if someone approached my family in a parking lot, that we needed to have protective protocols in place for the kids, so they know to stay together in a group and move as a unit to safety.  Which I wholly agree with.  But then he said that *I* needed to take the kids to safety while my husband dealt with the problem.  Um?!  Why do people always assume that the alpha in a family is the male?  There are males that are not alphas.  Brian is one of them.  I’m the one with the knives.  I’m the one who carries concealed.  For the record… I’m NOT about to walk away and leave my husband to get his hiney handed to him when I know my kids are safe.  I just… what IS that?  I’m WAY the hell more frightening to an aggressor than my husband… and more dangerous.  What is it they say about Mama bears?!  I’m still rankling, just writing this.  Pisses me off.  Just because I’m female I can’t handle aggressive situations???  ((insert fur standing up.))

Maple Mama.  Still boiling down sap.  The weather has been so weird – dropping down into the 20s so that nothing flowed for a week in the middle of Sugarbush, that we’re behind, a little.  But it’s coming along.  And everything in our house smells so sweet…!  See?  I just need to stay home.  Not be a thorn in everyone’s side.  Mind my business and make my little vats of maple sugar.

Wearing White.  Last week, we bought karate uniforms (called gis) for Brian and I.  I… don’t wear white on a good day.  Not even white socks.  Not even white underwear.  Which brings me to the next thing… in order to even consider wearing a gi, I had to buy white underwear, which… not happy, Bob.  But when I put the gi on… it was wrong.  I’ve only worn all white one day in my life:  the day I stood before an altar as Brian’s bride.  I’m not going to wear all white again – not until I stand before an altar as Christ’s bride.  PERIOD.  I can’t do it.  It’s wrong.  It feels like an affront to something sacred in my belief system.  I… don’t LIKE it.  I couldn’t do it.  When we got to class, the family was in their gis, and I was not.  Sensai wasn’t happy, but… I can’t do it.  And I can’t explain it without sounding like a lunatic, (or coming off as long-winded and dramatic).  GAH!!!!!  But either I have to find an alternative that they will accept, or I have to drop out of karate.  But I’m NOT wearing a gi.

Bowing Down.  Another problem I have with karate is bowing in.  At the beginning of each class, we’re required to prostrate ourselves… twice.  I hate it.  I hate it.  No… you don’t understand.  I HATE it.  Now bending at the waist in agreement to do the next set of whatevers… that’s fine.  It’s an acknowledgment of instruction.  I’m okay with that.  But bowing down is just wrong.  In the book of Esther, Mordecai’s line is favored of God because he is faithful, because he WILL NOT BOW DOWN to Haman, authority figure or not.  He states – more than once! – that he ONLY bows down before the Lord God Elohim.  I despise the bowing thing.  It’s against my beliefs, and I have gritted my teeth every single week, but… I can’t do it, any longer.  Nothing good would require me to prostrate myself like that before ANYTHING but my Creator.  And it pisses me off.

In Other Words…  As much as I want to learn self-defense, and as much as I think it’s good for us to do an activity as a family, and as much as I think there are great benefits to karate… I’m not so sure we’re going to be welcome there, much longer.  I’m too disobedient.  I’m not the type to be a sheeple and just do things because I’m told to, just because someone made up a rule, somewhere.  It’s what unthinking people do.  I can’t do that.  And my kids are already saying that they won’t do it if I don’t do it, so… my unwillingness to conform is going to be a problem.  My being in class may become a serious issue.  But then again, when has my being anywhere not been a problem?  S’why I try to stay home.  I’m a walking difficulty.  Whatevs.

Job Opportunity.  Brian went this week to another factory, to talk about taking on some projects for them for his side business (out of our barn).  It’s exciting, because before this he’s only done side work for his friend Mike’s shop, and for the shop his dad works in.  This is a new place – his friend (another Brian) works at the new place, and hooked us up with the possible project.  I have to say, Bri’s pretty excited about it.  He also was tickled when they told him they wanted him to come work for them, period.  Of course we’re happy with where he is, but that’s always a compliment, isn’t it?  And the side work will be nice, if they accept his quote on the project.

NaSpringWriMo.  Hahahaaaa… that looks stupid.  (((nevermind.)))  I have been writing like MAD, lately.  Have been, since November, truth be told.   And reading.  Which is why I have precious little to offer up, here on the internet.  I was thinking of putting something on that Wattpad that Lydia always writes on, but… hrm.  We’ll see.

Omer Offering.  Speaking of, I sat down and put all of the Exodus posts (from last year’s Omer Journey) into a MSWord .doc, yesterday.  Brian and Lydia want to work thru it, together.  And it’d be really good for them – SO much information, that I’m tempted to do it again, too, as a refresher.  Anyhow, since I made the file, I thought I might as well share it with everyone on-line, too.  So here are the links to the file… it’s 42 pages long, beware.  But there are 20+ lessons, and it’s map intensive, so that’s why.  And it’s SO meaty.  I’ll add it to the sidebar, when the Spirit moves.


Hello, 4am.  Speaking of the Spirit, He’s getting me up at 4:44am on a daily basis, again.  Every day, this week.  I’m exhausted.  I don’t understand the point, either.  He used to set me down and SHOW me things when He got me up.  Since November, I just search and wait and pray and… nothing.  So what the heck?!  I don’t get it.  I don’t know.  It makes me cranky.  Cranky mama bears are not a lot of fun.  Especially when forced to bow down, insulted with chauvinism, and faced with all-white uniforms.

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  1. There are black gi’s you know. 😛 And I just… *cannot* about the chauvinism thing. Way I see it is, until men start popping out babies, they need to tone it down with the ”men be alpha manly and women be the damsel”. We’re more than capable of being alpha. If anyone touches my family or my guy you better believe the Mama bear would rise out of me!

    • Black gis are considered disrespectful for anyone who isn’t a master. Or I would, in a heartbeat. I’m thinking my black yoga pants with a top *OR* I found a mint colored Tai Chi uniform that I might be able to handle. It’s a LOT lighter weight fabric, too – I tried on the gi pants, and baby, those SUCK to move in. Absolute crap. So… thinking about options.


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