´¯`•. April 03, 2015

Tonight is Pesach.

It begins the day Messiah Yeshua
offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sins.
Tonight begins the day the Crucifixion took place.


Tonight my family will celebrate the first of the Jewish feasts – Passover.  We will gather around the table with our Bible, candles, appropriately symbolic foods, and hearts turned to the truth.  Truth based on completely Scriptural mandates… ones celebrated by Moses, King David, Messiah Himself, all of the disciples, and later – after the resurrection – emphatically by the apostle Paul.  Truth that has *nothing* to do with pagan rituals, false gods, spring fertility rites, or anything unholy.

Tonight is the time we are called by God to remember the harshness of the reality of the cross.  Tonight is the fulfillment of the first feast.  Not in full, as I believe Elijah is yet to come on this day, and that is why there will be a plate for him at our table… the two witnesses are to return, and the hope of that is strong within me.  The feast is to celebrate this… this first of the fulfillments to come.

I’m very excited.  This is a most special day.
In, quite possibly, a most special year.
May you be blessed on this Pesach.

Tonight is also the Eclipse.

The first third of four eclipses that land
on Yehovah’s holiest days.

If you follow Mark Biltz and his blather, you’ll think that this is the start of the seal judgments.  It’s too late – they started in 2007, actually.  Although I’ll tell you… I’m a little excited about these.  Because (unlike Biltz) I’m not preTrib, I’m pre-wrath, and I’m looking for a rapture where we are, right now, in Rev 7b.  And the eclipse tonight begins just after midnight just as it’s noon in Israel.  Much like the Angel of Death that came at midnight and visited all of the homes without blood on the doorposts (Ex 12:29).  That is astounding.

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