´¯`•. April 10, 2015

~~~~~ Chapter 36: Mosaics! ~~~~~

When we did the Greeks, we ended up spending half of a school year on them.  Mostly because the Greek Empire had SO MUCH to it – and we explored Philosophy, Olympic games, education, clothing style, mythology and more.  There’s just a LOT involved, y’know?  And I’m thinking that our Roman studies are going to take a while, too.

We dressed like Romans, we did way too much studying on Gladiators, addressed the start of the Republic, made an edible Roman Road, constructed a Roman House, studied Pompeii (which… was not how I wanted it to go)…

And then we hit Ceasar.  Honestly, there isn’t much to do with Caesar, besides read his story, watch a movie about him (Shakespeare: et tu, Brutae!), and so…

We did one of the projects recommended by SotW: Mosaics.  Roman art included mosaics, so I found a site with information about mosaics, and we set down to do our own.

IMG_7976 (659x666)It was fun, anyway!  ((grins))

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