__________ April 20, 2015 __________

On the proposed Michigan Homeschool Bill

NoTe:  In case you hadn’t heard, there was a low-income, inner-city Detroit psycho who killed two of her children and stuck them in her freezer for two years.  When people asked why they weren’t in school, she said that she homeschooled them.  Now, because of this ridiculous situation, a Michigan lawmaker has proposed that all homeschoolers be required to meet with a social worker annually, etc.  Apparently the thought is that we’re all killing our children and sticking them in freezers across the state, r’something.  Anyhow, all of my homeschool boards are up in arms, and my out of state friends are asking my opinion.  So here it is:

Several people have asked me about the proposed changes to Michigan’s homeschool laws. I oppose them, wholly. Michigan is 40th out of 50 states in educational ratings. I propose they get their OWN house in order before they touch mine. In fact, don’t touch mine, ever. That’s why I rejected the gov’t educational system. Because they’re incompetent and inferior to what I can AND DO provide for my children.

I am not, however, writing to my state congresspeople. I tried that, last time. Stabenow wrote back and told me that since SHE got elected, SHE could pick what to vote for or not to vote for, and what I wanted was irrelevant. ((So much for publicly elected servant…!)) I have been taught well that writing in is a waste of time/effort. I do, however, fund HSLDA so that they can fight these things with legal clout and monies that I don’t personally have.

Although to be honest, my household’s educational records are in good shape, and if someone WERE to catch me home (wink, wink), and have the legal right to step across our threshold, they would find everything logged, scheduled, and current and archived paperwork available. Not that they deserve to touch my things. They’re running on a deficit, can’t maintain adequate scorings, and have a 21% drop out rate. That’s nearly a QUARTER of the state’s students walking, hello. When your shit is in better shape than mine, we’ll talk.


uPDaTe: It was struck down, this afternoon:

Senator Pavlov is the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee guys! Rep. Chang has lost!


“This tragic situation is not, and never was, a homeschooling problem.

That’s why I am so dismayed by the introduction of a new bill in the state House of Representatives to exploit Stoni and Stephen’s tragic deaths as an excuse to impose new regulations on loving, committed, and law-abiding Michigan families.

Let’s be clear-this legislation would not have stopped Ms. Blair from killing her children. Blair was willing to break every law on the books, and routinely and effectively lied for years to hide her crimes.

Instead, the new bill is a transparent attempt by some in Lansing to bully, threaten, and intimidate parents who choose not to send their children to traditional public schools. The legislation would force every homeschooling family to register with local officials and to open their homes twice yearly for police inspections, to prove that they have not murdered their own children.

Parents have rights. Parents deserve choices. And parents deserve so much better from Lansing. As the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee I wanted to write you today to assure you that this anti-parent legislation will not see the light of day in my Committee.

Parents who choose homeschooling as the best education option for their children lovingly pour themselves into their kids, and they get great results. Homeschooled children are among the most successful in the state, go on to attend colleges and universities, get and keep great jobs, and help lead our communities.

Every child learns differently, and no one understands the needs of a child like his or her parents. That’s why when it comes to making education decisions for their children, or for choosing the kind of education that will work best, Lansing should trust parents, not bully them.

Senator Phil Pavlov

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