__________ April 30, 2015 __________


  • Music!  I have a lot of music thankfuls, this week.  First, we’re doing ABBA in the car. and you cannot listen to ABBA and not crank it ALLLLLLLLLLL the way up.  So we were in the parking lot of the dance studio on Monday, and ‘Does your mother Know’ came on (MY FAVORITE!!!) so I cranked that stereo… and Brian (complained) you can hear it all the way across the parking lot!  I didn’t care… that song rocks!  And then, (you won’t believe this) but the next morning we were back for Owen’s class, and apparently the teacher of Owen’s class stepped outside during my song, and liked what she heard…  and played for free music time in his class  ‘Does your mother Know’!!!!  Too awesome!
  • MUSIC!!  This week in our German lessons (YouTube’s “Deutch fur Euch”) Katya wanted to introduce us to some German bands and music.  So as she mentioned them, I pulled up videos on YouTube for us to hear them.  It was SO fun… and crazy.  Germans are some WEIRD people, even beyond the ‘gurgle-n’-spit’ language thing.  But I actually loved the sound of the group, Schandmaul, and we downloaded a song by Bakkushan (‘Alles war aus Gold’).  So that was fun, too!
  • MUSIC!!!  Then this morning I woke up singing The Monkees (ya just never know, with me…).  So I was gonna share my favorite Monkees song with my FB friends, and in looking them up on YouTube, found out that there were clips from their TV show… and it was a RIOT watching one with the kids:
  • Side Work.  Brian finished that job for the new company, and they were impressed with his work and are considering sending more.  Meantime, both of the other companies he’s doing stuff for are loading him up, too.  Very good news, because we didn’t have any side work for most of last year, and he wasn’t as happy about that.  He’s way happier when there’s side work.  Then he can open the barn doors (like opening a garage, they’re overhead doors), and be right out there with us.
  • Silver.  I love the silver streaks in his hair, by the way.  They’re streaking all through his hair, now… it’s beautiful.  Electric.  He shines in the light.  I love it.  He doesn’t, but I do!
  • Black Sweater.  This is going to sound anal… but I have this drapy big teal sweater I’ve been wearing all winter.  And the other day I looked up in the mirror (mostly try not to do that), and saw that it clashed with my clothing.  Have I been clashing all winter?  GAH, what with being utterly Novembered for months on end, I have no idea.  But I thought, “That has GOT to change!”  So I took it off and got out my black one.  I feel much better.  I wonder how much clashing subconsciously has been fricking me up…?  Well, anyhow, it’s over, now!
  • Getting outside!  I got the chairs and table and stuff set up last night on the deck.  The kids hauled up some toys and got out their bikes, and they’re having a ball, too.  We just needed some fresh air, around here, that’s all!
  • MAY!  Tomorrow is MAY, and everything changes in May.  Everything picks up and goes a LOT faster, after that.  There’s dance recital (and then dance is DONE), and there’s vacation and there’s Memorial Day Gardening Weekend, and there’s KDL library event scheduling, and there’s… ALLLLL sorts of fun stuff.  And May Day is the day I always make dental cleaning appointments.  So tomorrow I get busy!
  • NoMoSingThing.  As fun as it was to sing up north…?  I’m really glad not to be driving three hours round-trip every Thursday, anymore.  That’s a lot of gas and mileage and time away from my boys.  We won’t be doing it again for a long time, though – next fall they’re doing Handel’s “Messiah”, and I… that’s just too Jee-zus-y for me, any more.  So I’m glad we did it when we did!
  • Psalms.  Well, we made it thru the OT (up to the prophetics) and the NT (up to the letters), so now we’re doing the Psalms with the kids.  Just started, actually.  Yesterday Isaac was SO. DURN. CRANKY… he’s been getting a terrible attitude when things don’t go his way.  And we were reading Psalm 2 last night, and it ends with, “Kiss the son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him.”  And I looked up and said, “Kiss the son!!” and pointed at Isaac.  “We’re supposed to Kiss the son, lest he be angry!”  Well, that’s the answer then, isn’t it?  So Brian and I get to start kissin’ Isaac.  He’s already blushing and squirming, but I think it’ll just about do the trick.  Who knew the best parenting advice comes from Psalms?!
  • Episodes!  As I was typing these, my brother came over.  He’s been SO kind to us, in taping ‘Once upon a Time’ episodes off TV for us to watch.  Almost done… and next year we may just have to watch TV once a week.  ((In the past 18 years, we’ve watched TV for one three-month period, to see a ‘Biggest Loser’ about five years ago.))  But I hear ‘Once’ is on Sundays, so that won’t interfere with school or anything!  Talk about a blessing.
  • Underestimation.  In a previous patchwork, I wrote that I was peeved off that someone suggested my being a woman meant that I wasn’t as aggressive or capable of defending my family (and husband!).  But you know, I’ve had some time to ruminate on this.  And it was actually a HUGELY good thing, that he said that.  Because that means even *HE* was underestimating me.  And if that’s the case, I just gained another edge.  Right?  Do you see it?  Cuz… that’s awesome.  Go on.  Think I’m a chubby little helpless girl.  I can work with that.  And I’m actually pretty happy over the whole thing, now!
  • Walking!  Monday nights are lonnnnnnnng waits in the car, since we have Ethan’s dance class, then Lydia’s dance class, then Isaac’s dance class.  I leave the littles (and Isaac) home for the first two hours, and sit in the car with one or the other kids.  But this week I looked out and… Dance class is in this strip mall that’s mostly Tribal offices and services for the Pottawatami Indians, so while we’re there, there’s just nobody around in the evenings.  That’s a BIG parking lot.  So I got it in my head to stop sitting in the car and get out and walk the mall parking lot.  It’s pretty big, but Ethan did five laps with me, and then when Brian and the kids arrived, they did another five laps with me.  (He’s got a belly, too.  He could use the stretch.)  I’m so happy about this…!  I just hope no Indians are hanging out, watching us, because we’re a little loopy – dancing, cartwheeling, hippy-hopping, and skipping in circles around the place!
  • Carrot Cake.  So McDonald’s has been advertising carrot cake… my Achilles’ heel.  ((One of many, but shhhh.))  And I’ve been meaning to try one (and share…!).  But they’re so BIG and expensive, and… Anyhow, we were at Meijer (see FB pizza rant) Tuesday, and I browsed to see if they had carrot cake on the reduced rack, but they didn’t – not even in the regular bakery.  Bummer.  So we also needed pop, and went to the beverage aisle… and there – sitting right by the cherry Pepsi?! – was a little package of mini carrot cake cupcakes with a REDUCED sticker on it.  The Lord apparently loves me.  He also apparently loves me chubby.  LoL!!
  • Gratefuls!  Holy crap, this got long!!  Apparently I’m a more happy person than I thought!
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