___________ May 14, 2015 ___________


G’morning!  It’s almost not even morning, anymore!  I’ve… been busy.  We’ve been gone.  It’s THREE DAYS in a row that I had to go away in the morning.  Highly unusual for us.
Pure-Michigan-license-plateLovely License.  My license plate died.  Which sounds ridiculous (and kind of is), but all of the reflective paint peeled off of it.  ((Cheap crap.  Probably made in China, anymore.))  Brian’s plate was one digit off mine, and his looks fine, but mine was… not good.  And since we’re planning a vacation sometime in the not-so-distant future, I thought it might be a good idea to go get a different one.  My Lydia says people who have ‘Pure Michigan’ blue/white plates all drive like morons, so we agreed to do either the sunset/bridge plate, or the blue/green plate.  I’m more of a blue/green girl, so that’s what I went with.  It costs to get pretty plates, but it’s worth the $5, imo.
Sale Season!  I took back roads to and from the SecOState, because the nearest one to me is Hastings (aka B.F.E.), and in Hastings there’s a State Cop Shop, a County Sheriff Station, and city police.  So… um, no.  Driving around with my license plate off in that burg wasn’t a’gonna happen.  Anyhow, taking back roads, we saw three garage sale signs.  Now, I like back road yard sales better than in-town ones.  Townies haven’t got the kewl old stuff, and it’s always overpriced because they think yuppie stuff is valuable (r’something).  So I stopped at the first sale, and they had antlers.  Just TONS of antlers, all over the place.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many antlers in one garage!  They also had BIG statues.  Two that looked like they belonged outside of a temple in an Indiana Jones’ movie.  Several angels.  One tall shepherdess (or greek goddess?) but her arms were broken off.  They also had beautiful Russian plates…
[Insert Admission] 
I collect examples of different cultures/eras from yard sales.  We really don’t need anything else, you see. It all started when I pulled up the box of ‘childhood memories’ from the basement.  I grew up military, and Pop went on a lot of TDYs to different places, and always brought little gifts back.  I have a Flamenco dancer from Spain, a silk doll from Korea, two little brass lamps from Saudi Arabia (Gulf War),  someone got me a maraca from Cazumel (?!)… there’s my Scottish bank from Glasgow, and the Nottingham lace fan I got when we went to Sherwood forest.  So I pulled all my stuff up, and thought, “What a way to teach… with little hands-on items from around the world.”  So I started collecting.
[Insert Admission II]  There are these sales up on Eastern (Leisure Estates) that have old people selling things from all of their travels, and I love going to their sales.  One woman collected all things China, and dreamed of going there, someday.  Another woman had a small Greek vase (very Hellenistic) for a nickle – I kid you not.  I have little African woven baskets and an Indian carved gourd , a Japanese geisha… so when I saw the Russian plates, today, it was a HARD decision not to get one.  But I think I’m going to look for Matryoshka dolls, instead.  Gives me something to search for, right?  Anyhow, this weekend are the Stevens Point sales.  The kids are trying to talk me into them.  Not sure if I want to bother.  But we’ll see…  Maybe if it rains, we’ll go.  I’d rather go in the rain – keeps the other people away.
Tickled by Taxidermy.  Back to today.  The second sale was back by Deep Lake (rustic camping place we like, with mountain bike trails n’ a nice fishing pier).  I got out, and saw two coyotes on a table.  I thought, “Oh, wow.“… but when I got closer, I saw that the whole barn was FULL of deer and stuffed geese and there was a bobcat, so I called the kids out of the car and told them DO NOT TOUCH… and we got to walk through and see all of the amazing animals.  The man who lived there came out – he’s retired, and his dr. won’t let him do taxidermy, anymore, either.  But when he saw all of my kids, he took us into his back taxidermy shop, and we got to see his black bear.  It was SO TALL!  And all of the animals he had, he got in Michigan, so that was fun.   It was so nice of him to take us back and let us see his shop and forms and special animals.  I ended up purchasing a set of ceramic ducks just because I couldn’t walk away after he’d been so kind to us without buying something.  And everyone LOVES the ducks.   ((I need to repaint Daddy Duck.))
Animals Alive.  The last sale had a jackalope (?!) and a bobcat done up as a blanket (I kid you not – it had fleece on its underside).  So that was craziness.  Then as we were leaving his sale, we looked across at the ditch just in time to watch this HUGE red-tailed hawk sweep down, snag a small rodent (chipmunk? Mouse?), and soar away with it.  Three miles later, I’m watching a snapping turtle cross the road.  Thank goodness I haven’t see any snakes, today!  ((The day is young.  And I have to mow, tonight.  I should probably be very afraid.))
Everly’s Forever.  When I was a girl, my mom and I used to harmonize to the Everly Brothers in the car when we went on trips.  She’d pop in the cassette tape, and I *LOVED* to harmonize with her.  Except that she couldn’t stay on one part, so what ever brother she was singing, I would flip and sing the other.  It got interesting, but I still loved it.  So imagine my delight that Lydia harmonizes with me to the Everly Brothers on her MP3 player in the car.  Tickles me up one road and down the next.  Just sayin’.
ONE Nice Day.  Today is the ONE nice day for the next four days.  They’re predicting thunderstorms.  And it rained ALL of last week, long.  My yard’s theme song is, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.  So if we want to mow, tonight is the night.  So Brian got the plow off and the mower deck on, and… it’s going to look nicer, around here.  Just wait n’ see.  Rainy weekends mean we might just have to go downstairs and organize/spring clean, instead, come the weekend.
Facebook.  Can I be honest?  I hate Facebook.  I don’t want to be on Facebook.  But all of the people I’ve forged friendships with in the blogging world have given up blogging for Facebook.  If I want to connect, I have to be there.  But to be honest, I just don’t want to be.  I wish you blogged, instead.  I don’t *know* you from an occasional status update.  I don’t know anything.  And I see a lot of facetiousness, there.  Having to read through recipes, stupid videos, motivational photos, ads, articles I don’t want to read… just to get a blip of someone I care about’s life?  Social media isn’t what it used to be…

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  1. Eh I blog you know 😛 But yes, hardly anyone else I know blogs anymore, so thus I must endure nonsense ramblings and silly stuff on facebook. Social media has evolved to fire rapid twitterverse kind of stuff. No soul. There was a time when facebook wasn’t too bad, but lately it seems people just want to say as little as possible and as fast as possible and if you say something a little too into controversy prepare to have your head bitten off. The old days of blogging and forum communities really were quite something. Those days are gone… so you just make do.

  2. Oh I want to blog – let me assure you.,I have many topics…but baby goat season has me sleep deprived in the worst way. And I am not a good typist, And no kidding every time I sit down at my computer for more than 12 minutes…it becomes complete chaos around me.
    I will admit FB is annoying the crap out of me – I don’t even have time for it. except when I milk – so I can read what people have been posting all day on my phone. I sure can’t blog from my phone. And if I did I imagine it would be the most nonsensical garbage. If I had two days of sleep…I would blog…

  3. I’m going to try to blog more. The people I know that aren’t on FB keep pesting me to. This past week alone I’ve had four people email me and ask me whats up. Of course there’s the flood excuse… but I seriously need to blog more. I only pop on FB like once a day now. Every other day if I can help it. Too much crap on there, and seriously, the attention span of some of those people, worries me!

    • I’m down to reading feed there once every two days. I can’t stand the memes. They take up SO MUCH room…!

  4. Oh, and awesome awesome yard sale stories you have!!! Sooo cool about the taxidermist guy taking the time to show the kiddo’s more animals!

  5. I turned off every group notification and every person that re-posts stuff. I have been tagged by no less than a dozen people over the “proper goat anatomy” Meme with it’s “wiggle listeners” and “cutie tocks” it is tough enough to get 4-H kids to know the difference between pin bones and thurls. Pasterns and hocks. I have to option to point out anatomy on dozens (yup plural) of goats in my own yard. I believe they are really trying to wear us out.


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