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Hello.  Yes, I should be doing a dance recital post.  Frankly, though… it’s been so long that I’ve been doing Vacation blog entries, I just needed a break.  You’ll live.  And I’ll get my break.  And everyone will be happy.

Recital Week.  We’ve been two weeks in getting back into the swing of things, because the minute we got home, unpacked and everything washed… it was dance recital time.  This was our first experience with a studio that had THREE separate recitals, because there were too many kids for just one.  I… hated it.  It tied up half the week.  We were there hours upon hours upon hours.  And it threw all of us completely out of whack for another week.  I’ll blog about the recital further, Sunday.

Swim!  I’ve talked to Brian, and we’ve decided that we’re taking the boys out of dance and putting them in swim.  It’s a lifelong skill, it’s something that develops lean muscle and endurance, and it’s of use to them in ‘real life’.   Besides, I love swimming.  I want them to love swimming.  No fear – all strength.  It’ll be good for them.  So that’s what I have to look into, next.

Jaded.  Coming back from vacation, I have to tell you… I’ve returned to deal with people on-line, and I’m not doing well with it.  It’s little, subtle lies and misinformations that sound good, but range from outrageous conjecture to flat-out deception.  I… have issues with it all.  With the fact that everything has gotten so… tricky, lately.  It seems to be all in the wording.  And people aren’t catching it.

Bruce.  Like the Bruce Jenner thing.  Basically homosexuality in general – there’s supposedly a really controversial billboard in Grand Rapids that states that the Bible says homosexuality is a choice.  A) The Bible does say that… Romans 1.  B) You don’t have to believe it.  C)  Freedom of speech allows that sign.  But do we HAVE to fight about it?  Let them believe what they like, and you believe what you like.  Okay?  Please?  No more bitching?!  Because I’m tired of it.  Besides, being as jaded as I am?  I’m of half a mind that Bruce Jenner isn’t so much about the feminine side of his soul as the attention he’s getting from this whole thing.  I don’t care about his choices, I just want to know why they have to be front and center.  Larry/Lana Wachowski didn’t do this.  Why else would Bruce, unless he was just about the attention?  I don’t trust or like him/her for THAT reason, alone.

Duggars.  And then there’s the whole molestation thing.  It’s being beaten like a DEAD HORSE.  A friend of mine even called for more homeschool regulation because of them!  I thought, “You have GOT to be kidding me!”  First, these people have been in the limelight for EVER.  If the agents, directors, producers, church people, family, friends, etc. – NOBODY – noticed it, no social worker would’ve weeded it out, either.  Second, regulation is just a way of taking away freedoms… haven’t we had enough of that?  And more, the Duggar molestation is NOT homeschool related, anymore than it’s TV-related or church-related.   And there are PLENTY of people NOT on TV, NOT homeschooled, and NOT in churches that are molested every day, too.  Chill it with the finger-pointing.  And again… with me being utterly jaded?  I’m fairly certain this isn’t about molestation, as much as it’s about getting attention.  That show couldn’t go on indefinitely.  They needed a new edge.  Something to put them in the headlines.  I don’t trust them.  Any of them.  This whole thing seems like a drama being played out for the masses.  Just sayin’.

The Church.  There’s a lot of talk about the church, lately, too.  First with Bruce (damn chrischuns condeming him!), and the Duggars (where was the church in that mess!?), and this morning with the declining numbers in the church – both from my friend Trent (who left christianity for Catholicism the same time as I left it for a more Judaistic slant – both of us moving in equal and opposite directions), and with another friend, who posted an article about doing SOMETHING about keeping the kids who are raised by godly parents, in Sunday School, in Churches from leaving.  Wait… WHAT?!  Yes!  Let’s go further than leading them in the way that they should go… let’s box them up in a controlled environment so that their choices won’t be what we don’t want them to be.  Or so they say.  GAH!!  I want to scream!  That’s not free-will OR faith.  I… can’t think like that.  ((Or like christianity.  S’why I left.))

Frustrations.  Apparently I have a few.  And needed to vent them in my own space.

Strawberry Moon.  Directly after recital, it was the strawberry full moon.  That. Thing. Was. Evil.  I’ve never seen the kids so completely out of whack.  Just… stupid.  And mean.  And fussy.  It probably didn’t help, coming off vacation and recital, but WoW.  And it wasn’t just the kids… those cats never try to get in our room, but on the full moon?  They spent ALL night trying to get in.  Succeeded three times, too – and that’s WITH the doors closed.  It was crazy.  I wasn’t happy about it.  Just glad it’s over, now.

Dermatology.  I… have Tina Fey’s “chin of an adolescent”.  I always have.  I don’t break out hardly ever anywhere else, but I’m CONSTANTLY broken out across the chin.  And I’ve tried over the counter stuff, and gave up.  I’m too sensitive to it all.  It just makes everything worse.  So for thirty-ish years, I’ve just had zits.  Whatevs.  But now Lydia’s come into full-bloom adolescence… and she has Brian’s skin.  Which is seven hundred MILLION times worse than my skin – Brian is just a well of never-ending oil.  When he was a teen, his forehead was like a war zone.  ((Amazingly, the moment we got married, his skin cleared up, and he looks awesome.  Unfair.))  Lydia’s forehead looks exactly like his did, back when he was a teen.  And it’s running down her face, too.  So Brian said, “We’ve got a little extra $$ from side work – you two need to go down and talk to someone.”  So we did… the Friday after vacation.  The woman took one look at me and said, “Hormones.  We need to have your potassium levels checked, and then get you on a pill to level you out.”  Just like that!  I was kind of startled, but… okay…  Then she turned to Lydia, and had this really long technical name for her skin condition, and gave us both prescriptions.  So we’re working on clearing up our skin, now.  We’ll see how this goes.  So far, there are no adverse side effects.  Oh, and the blood work shows that my potassium is just fine, thanks.  (((O_o)))

Bonus!  While we were on vacation, quarterly bonus time came up.  I’m really glad, because our DVD player finally kicked the bucket.  So that’ll help fund a new one.  Every little bit counts!

Dental Stuff.  All of us have had our annual cleaning now, except Brian (who has to have really really early appts because of work, so his are always further out than ours.  We can go in any time at all – in fact, they often call if there’s a cancellation, and we’ll be there in half an hour!).  And all six of us are cavity-free, for something like the sixth year in a row of NOT having fluoride.  So there’s that.  And that’s with Isaac – who had Scarlet Fever as a baby and has very little protective enamel on his teeth!  Fluoride is poison, and NOT necessary for dental protection.  And I have a huge family full of statistics to prove it!

Around the Homestead.  The grass is OUT of control, this year.  I’ve mowed three times in three weeks, and it’s… just LONG.  Crazy long.  We also got our veggies, but won’t get them put in until this weekend.  Which is also when we have to do hoof-trimming on the goats.  Always fun.  (((((not.))))))

Bar Mitzvah.  This July, Isaac turns twelve.  How did that happen?!  Anyhow, traditionally boys have their bar mitzvah at age twelve or thirteen, depending on their maturity level.  I’ve… decided that we’re waiting the extra year.  He’s… problematic.  Challenging.  Incorrigible.  I need him to be more responsible and caring before I hand him a knife.  ((For Bat/Bar mitzvahs, we give them a Bible, a knife, and a Nook – which we share with the younger ones.))  He’d lord over the Nook, cut a sibling, and rip a Bible.  I can’t do it.  He needs to mature a little more.  Which makes me sad… I feel like maybe I’ve done something wrong, that he’s so rough.  Yeah, well… anyhow.

Facebook.  I’m thinking of vacating.  Well… reading other people’s stuff, and commenting on their pages, but just dropping off mine.  There’s no archive-ability.  All I do is post ‘Photo of the Day’ and links to this blog (that mostly nobody follows.  I have 128 friends.  18 bothered to read my last adventure entry.  No kidding.).   We’ll see.

November.  Going away seems to have helped my Novembering.  And when we got back, I switched back to tea from coffee.  I think that’s helped, too.  And maybe the hormone balancer pills will help.  My gumption is starting to come back.  I feel clearer – more focused.  This is VERY good.  Our house needs it.  My scrapbooks need it.  The garden beds need it.  So there’s my huge blessing.

Hymn Sing.  Tonight we went to Hymn Sing for the first time in a REALLY, really long time.  It was good.  I was happy to be there.  It made things better… because I was in a pretty craptastic mood, for most of today.  Hymns make everything better.  That, and Taco Bell.

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  1. I don’t care what Bruce does to or with himself. What I do care about is that people seem to fuss over him as if he’s the first guy to ever be trans… because he’s not. Millions of people out there, that are trans or gay and have done more contribution to society than simply win a medal in the past. *shrugs*

    I hear ya on the Duggars. Right up there with the Nauglers atm. Neither have anything to do with homeschool, and everything to do with a kind of cult mentality and abuse which sets my teeth on edge. We glorify these types of people for far too long, instead of showing responsible families that just *happen* to homeschool. The abnormal become normal, and the normal become fringe.

    I… I’ve had it a little on people in general and the church thing this week. My dad went all preacher mode with another church Christian this week as I silently stood there listening to a conversation they seemed to feel was completely normal. Things were said. Offensive things that hurt me deeply… that made me want to issue a challenge and rock the boat.

    Staying on facebook because.. well lol, because here is where I do my venting and sharing. Facebook is just where I keep ‘in touch’ with family or friends that don’t actually care to hear me vent.


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