__________ June 19, 2015 __________

This Week at a Glance

I’m considering doing something odd. See, I hate Facebook.  It’s a necessary evil.  Every business is on Facebook.  Every friend is on Facebook.  Every relative is on Facebook.  And all of them are lazy as shit – they won’t read anything bigger than five words.  ((So technically, they belong on Twitter, but I digress.))  They don’t follow any links, but they fill up my feed with BS memes and links to articles on ‘hairy armpits trending’ and crap like that for me to scroll through… and through… and through… and I get pissed off that I wasted an hour looking at eCard photos that weren’t funny, news clips on the Duggars (a-Gain), recipes for unappetizing shit made with three cans of processed garbage, and articles that tell me how to parent from people who shouldn’t ever write… especially about parenting.  And the cats.  Oh, mercy, the cats…!!!!! BUT… Facebook is a necessary evil.  If you want to know about a library event, it’s there.  If you want to keep up with people you care about – find out that your friend Linda’s house is floating away, that your friend Jenny needs prayer, that your friend Carol just got a new job and needs encouragement?  That so-n-so passed away?  You have to be on FB.  Because Lord knows they’ve all abandoned blogging, and even if you LINK to your blog, they won’t follow the link away from FB… it’s too tedious, you see.  ((I know, because I posted an 8-day series on our vacation, then a week later uploaded the SAME PICTURES to FaceBook, and my ‘friends’ went apeshit over them, there… they’d never SEEN anything so beautiful.  I swear, I want to weep.)) ((((((((Really long, ranty tangent.)))))))) I write a LOT of stuff at FB, because (and don’t we all) I like the comments, there.  People can somewhat be coaxed to chat.  They at least look, even if they don’t freakin’ care.  I don’t know.  I guess I could just be desperate, too, r’something.  But the problem with that is that… everything there gets lost.  Buried, beneath layers and layers of other stuff… in my case, ‘Photos of the Day’.  So… I want to – every Friday – post the stuff that went down during the week (that I didn’t also blog about), here.  This is archive-able.  Downloadable.  Searchable.  BETTER.

Friday – Christopher Lee died.  So did Ron Moody, who I thought was Bill Gaye in Disney’s ‘In Search of the Castaways’, but he’s really just Fagin from ‘Oliver’.  But it mattered, because we just watched ‘In Search of the Castaways’ last weekend, so the kids saw the picture of Ron Moody and were like, “BILL GAYE!!!!”  ((They were also grievously moved by the loss of Count Dooku.  AKA seven hundred other seriously important roles that we’ve seen Christopher Lee in.))

Saturday – Found Ted-Ed’s Periodic table of Element’s lessons.  Bookmarked for next year.  Also sold our mini-quad… three years later, for the same price we bought it for.  That’s wonderful, btw!  We also spent the day working around here, getting things ready for Sunday’s babysitting.

Sunday – BABYSITTING DAY!!!  Here’s the thread:

Here we go… it’s babysitting day. Brian, me, and *EIGHT* children. Six boys, five thru eleven, a teenager, and a 2-year old toddler girl. Heaven help us!

 (update): Well, their dad made it out of the house, and there’s been no tears. But the 2yo isn’t sure she shouldn’t be crying. It’s dicey. I’m letting the kids handle it, since they’re less intimidating than big people. S’a good thing I have five million kids. Everyone’s doing okay. For now.

 uPDaTe: (three hours) They picked up a snake. PICKED IT UP. I officially don’t like anyone else’s children, anymore. Or my yard. ((heebie-jeebies…!!!))  They are going to DIE of a rattlesnake bite, and it’s going to be on my head, and then everyone on earth will REALLY hate me. Because someone’s kid PICKED UP a snake. This babysitting stuff is extremely stressful. In case anyone wondered.
Brian told me to chant “We’re doing a mitzvah” over and over. It’s not helping… uPDaTe: (six hours in) We had our first meltdown at supper. I don’t really pander to that kind of thing, so if you want to lay down and sob, there’s nothing I can do to stop you. Whatevs. It was all drama, because after the meal was done, he’s back to playing, again.  It was over missing Mama. I think supper was a ‘roll call’ of people in the house, and he realized that his parents weren’t there. Once they went back to playing, he was fine, since parents were out of mind, again. eND RePoRT: He came for them early. They saw his truck, yelled, “DAD’S HERE… *HIDE!!!*” and he had to bodily remove them, because they didn’t want to go home.   The kids had a great time, mine AND theirs (aside from the supper meltdown, which was short-lived). They made teepees out of the boys bunks and had two tribes of Indians going on in there.   They took three dozen eggs home with them… thank goodness. And we’re DONE!  No major incidents, snake bites, potty accidents, or other difficulties. It’s good. *Whew!* aDDeNDuM: Parent/Babysitter Telephone conference passed… sorta mostly. I… have concerns, but I’m paranoid, so there’s that. Don’t ask.

Monday – RIP Phil G., a guy Pop worked with in the 410th FMS.  They were in Saudi together during the Gulf War, too.  He was on his way to Kuwait, where he did contract work, and he collapsed of a heart attack in the airport, or so I hear.   Also, news article on how Obama is closing down the other base I lived at, as an AF brat.  ((RAF Alconbury)).  Heartbreaking.  And stupid beyond words.

Tuesday – Phone stuff.  I posted this as a blog, yesterday.

Wednesday – Lydia’s Day Out!!  Brian’s dentist appointment… last of us to go in.  No cavities for any of us, no fluoride for years and years and years.  Woooo!!  And then Anna’s Night out, to learn how to use the new phone.  Sorta.  Not.

Thursday – Posted a video from ‘What’s in the Bible’.  Oh, what the heck – I’ll post it here, too… cuz I like it:

Friday – Oh, wait… that’s today!!!  I… posted that we went to a library event and met my cousin Steve’s wife and kids there, and all the chill’uns had a ball dancing around and singing in Spanish.  It was fun.  Which [we] followed up with Red Robin’s for supper – a HUGE treat – and then went to Walmart to edit/develop 478 pictures for me.  I’ll pick ’em up this weekend… after they have time to print all o’ dat!

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