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Amazing Art

I lurk up Facebook pretty badly.  I’ll admit it.  If I ever knew you, I probably visit regularly, just to see what the heck is going on in your world (that’s public, anyhow).  If you’re related to someone I knew… it’s the same thing.  I just get a little restless and curious and wander around, clicking from one FB to the next.  It’s kinda fun.  Like sitting back, scoping folks at the mall.  I’m a people watcher.  I like to see what everyone is up to.

Anyhow, I lurk up my dad’s FB, too.  We’re not friends, because he’s… got issues… and pretty much none of the models on his FB site are dressed in much and I really can’t have my boys looking at what my dad uploads.  My dad is a photographer who pays girls to get skimpy-skimpy and let him pose them in very unnatural looking positions.  Basically, he’s a horny old man that I haven’t seen in eight years, because he a) rejected my sons and b) was developing a thing for my daughter – wanted to take her out for afternoons, bought lots of pretty presents for her, raised my every red flag.  When I said something to him about treating the kids equally, he walked out of my life.   So it’s probably a good thing that he wasn’t in my life during my growing up years… just based on what I experienced when I re-met him as a grown-up.  Disappointing.

I’m not saying the man is ALL bad… he’s not.  And I’m not saying that I don’t miss him… I do, somewhat.  I mean, he baited me like crazy (He’s a raunchy male Liberal Universalist, I’m a principled ladylike Messianic Libertarian.  Baiting me was easy.  Mostly I didn’t say a lot… which can be frustrating when you want a reaction.).  I assisted in his photography studio for a year or so… we clashed on what was art and what was not CONSTANTLY… until it was pretty evident that I wasn’t going to be able to continue in the direction he was headed.  But I thought he was creative and funny and kind of interesting to be around.  And I do miss him.  But I think he was getting sick of my being a prude and a killjoy and a pain in the ass.  So there was that.

On the other hand, he’s my dad, and I kind of like to know what’s going on with him.  He’s diabetic, he’s had a pre-cancerous colon a decade ago, and this past February, he announced that he was going to be off FB for a month for ‘medical reasons’… but true to his word, he was back on in March.  I have no idea what was going on with him.

But yesterday when I went to do my quasi-quarterly lurk of his FB, and it was gone.  His photography site on-line?  Gone.  Several of his photographer profiles on link-in sites?  Gone.  Anything newer than 2008… erased.  Gone.   I don’t know what’s going on, but… something’s wrong.  He might be sick.  He might be arrested for things I… am not going to speculate about.  There might be a law suit.  He might be sick.  I’m a little worried he might be sick.  Well… I know he’s sick (aka slightly twisted in the head), but I’m wondering if he might be physically sick.  I could call.  Eight years having passed, though, I won’t.  He’s the one who walked out on me.  I wasn’t being unreasonable.  I have nothing to apologize for.  I was/am honest about what went down.

But I’ve been a little worried since I saw his FB was pulled, and photography stuff yanked.  So I did some searching… starting with the obituaries.  ((I’m apparently morbid, too.))  But I just… kinda felt like something’s off.  There’s no obit, so he’s not dead, apparently.  So I did more digging.  Stuff is gone.  I don’t know.  It’s… very odd.  Not much else to do.  He knows where I am.  Could even be reading this.  Whatever.

And about now, I should probably tell you that this post is NOT about my dad.

This post is actually about art.  While searching around, I found a photo that he did, uploaded in 2007.  He has a ‘castle’ that he likes to shoot at, and a lot of his photos feature it.  Anyhow, apparently he took this photo of a girl, and the girl took his picture to her DeviantArt site, and then from there it was treated as ‘stock’ – which apparently by definition means “a starting point for manipulation into other art.”  Kind of like variation on a theme in music.  A fascinating idea.  I mean, I have taken photos I’ve found on-line and changed them around for certain purposes, but I’d never seen a bunch of people take one picture and all work from it to make all sorts of variations of it.  I was captivated by what people’s imaginations can do.  It’s amazing, and tangented me away from the whole dad topic, entirely.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share what I found:

Original Photograph

gothdad7Mostly color manipulation

gothicdad2Here it’s looking more digitalized…

gothicdad3Ooh, eerie… and with quite a few interesting differences.

gothicdad5Not so digitalized, but seriously creepy.
And yet… I think it’s my favorite of them all.  It speaks the most.

gothicdad6No holds barred, taking it to a WHOLE ‘nother level.
My Lydia will love this one, when she sees it.

Anyhow, so that’s about how things go when I’m wandering around on-line.  I start out just people watching, see something and go looking for more information, and find myself in the most interesting of places, learning the most interesting of things.  And I probably should thank my dad for being the reason I got to see all of these, today.  Fascinating!

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