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The Real Problem

This weekend, nearly half of the profile pictures and meme photos in my FB feed turned rainbow colored.  I’m going to assume from the evidence, that everyone knows what happened on Friday.  In case you live under a rock, the United States Supreme Court ruled that homosexual marriage is a Constitutional right.

Now, I have to admit something to you:
I’m weird.   I never react like other people to things.  Ever.
There, now you know.

Here’s the thing… while everyone else was high-fiving and coloring their pictures rainbow-ish?  I was mourning.  Not the fact that homosexuals can marry.  I’m glad of that.  We’ll get there in a moment.  No, I’m mourning the loss of freedom that every single person watching this should’ve noticed.  That every single person should be standing up and protesting, vehemently.

Do you know what happened Friday?  Nine individuals – who were NOT elected by the people; Supreme Court Justices are appointed, FYI – got to decide something on behalf of an entire nation.  And not one American had a problem with this.  Nine people, taking YOUR choice out of your hands.  Taking away YOUR right to vote on an issue, to decide as a people what should be, and what shouldn’t.  And you didn’t even get to pick those nine people.

Now, if it were put to a vote in each state?  Or each district, or whatever?  I would’ve voted in favor of giving homosexuals the right to marry.  But I wasn’t given that choice.  I wasn’t asked.  I was superseded by a fascist group.  In fact, if they so chose, they could turn around tomorrow and rule against homeschooling.  They could rule that all people in the country shall be vaccinated.  They could take that power and supersede us on any given topic, now.  Because not a single person has a problem with this insane power play.

Fascism:  a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leadership, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

That’s what happened, this weekend.  A nine-person dictatorial group forced social regimentation, suppressing all opposition of the people in this country.  They exalted the nation above the individual.  There’s a word for that:  TYRANNY.

This isn’t about homosexuality or abortion or home school or vaccines or any other hot topic.  This is about the abuse of power.  And I’m absolutely sick to my stomach about it.

Now I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of people taking issue with my take on homosexual marriage, as a scripturally strong believer in Messiah Yeshua.  Let me tell you something:  I don’t have to condone homosexuality to condone homosexual marriage.  Think about this for a moment.  I don’t have to like what someone says to condone free speech.  You can spout liberal crap that stands my every hair up on end all you want in my Facebook feed.  I will never speak out against it.  It’s your right to say what you want.  I won’t take that right away from you.  I won’t belittle you for your opinion, because it’s YOURS, and I want you have the right to be honest and open about your beliefs.  (I also expect that you allow me the right to be honest and open about MY feelings, in return.)  But that doesn’t mean I agree with or like or condone what you say.  Are you following?

It’s the same with homosexuality.  I personally believe that it’s an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.  I will never condone homosexuality as a choice.  But I will never force my convictions about it on you, at the same time.  Because they’re MY convictions, based on my choice to obey Yehovah Elohim, and they’re NOT your convictions, so you don’t have to share the same sentiments.  I personally believe that homosexuality is wrong… but I condone homosexual marriage, because you have the right to your own convictions, and to your own choices.  God allows man to make choices.  To decide for themselves.  And He stands by man’s decisions.  He allows them to choose their path.  So if I’m emulating Him, I do the same thing.

Think about this:  if a people group (say, christians) are allowed to decide for other people what they can and can’t do, how long will it be before other people are allowed to decide for the christians what THEY can and cannot do?  As long as it does not cause pain or hardship to a people group, NO ONE should decide for others what they can or cannot do.  Now we have to have laws to protect the innocent from harm.  Laws against murder, rape, assault, etc.  Laws against theft, destruction, and other things.  People cannot be allowed to cause pain or hardship to another.  But homosexuality doesn’t hurt yougay1It’s the prohibition of gay marriage that is causing pain and hardship to a people group.  Those who are against it are the ones hurting people.  They’re bigots and thoroughly un-American, as American is a nation of the free, and that’s suppression.  So I am ALL FOR homosexual marriage.

Want it in the blunt, rankle-your-fur language?  Here it is:  People are gonna sin.  If they choose not to obey God, they’re going to sin.  And you can’t prohibit them from making the choice to sin without taking away the free will Yehovah put into play.  So shut the hell up. 

The ONLY thing the fight against homosexual marriage has done (other than make the gay people miserable) is delay the return of Christ.  And since I want Him to return, get the HELL out of the way, dammit!!  You’re delaying God’s whole thang, see?  Let them be of the world.  They ARE of the world.  Be of Him.  I’ll be of Him.  And then He’ll come, and I can go away, and I’ll be happy, and they’ll be happy, and the plan will be put into play.   Get it?

To my mind, anyone who objects to homosexual marriage is NOT of Yehovah.  They’re suppressing His will, they’re trying to remove the free choice He bestowed upon us, and they’re delaying His plan.  That’s the OPPOSITE of being His people.  That’s being His enemy.  Christians are horrible, and need to close their bigoted, craptastic mouths before God does it for them.

Every time destruction came upon mankind in scripture, it was due to a complete turn from relational unity as Yehovah ordained it.   Noah’s Flood?  Mankind abandoned relations of a man-woman nature… to the point where only Noah was found to be righteous in the world.  When Sodom/Gomorrah was destroyed?  The Bible says they were being judged for abandoning man-woman relationships  as a city, and only Lot was found to be righteous.  And in each case, the chosen ones were taken out, and the rest fried/drowned.

So I’ve been anticipating this… watching the gay map as states have been choosing, one by one, to legalize homosexual marriage.  I was giddy about it.  It was good… we were getting as a people to choose.  I was glad of it.  And not only that, but I was getting closer and closer to His return.  Talk about giddy!

What I’m NOT glad of is that suddenly nine people get to take that right to vote on it away from us.  Government on the state and local levels is where the people get to speak.  It’s our voice.  The furthest you can get from that is the Supreme Court- where a handful of appointed people get to make a decision that is handed down on us.  Even the president and Congress – WE ELECT THEM!  But we have no say about this group of bastards, lording it over us.  I take issue with them having the right to take my choice, my vote, away.  There should be an outcry… from ALL sides, based on this, alone.  Just because it went in one side’s favor doesn’t make what they did right.  I would’ve protested this just as loudly if they ruled homosexual marriage was unConsitutional.  It’s just wrong.  Don’t you see that something’s wrong, here?

Something bad.  Because if they’re allowed to do that with this issue, how many other issues will they move on to?  It’s bad.  It’s taken away our voice.  And there ought to be checks and balances to keep this kind of power-play from happening.  Am I missing something?  Or are people so caught up in the colors that they don’t see the source of it?  If that’s the case, I mourn for our nation.

Not because there’s homosexual marriage.
I’m happy for them – it’s about time we got there.
But not this way.  Not like this.  Not at the expense of freedom.

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