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The Yud and the Hey

Yesterday, ShiratDevorah posted a blog entry that really got my attention.  I would share it outright with you, but it’s… got severe issues.  It references the Zohar and Talmud (neither of which I endorse), and jumps to some far reaching conclusions (that Psalm 81:6 is about Joseph and Phinehas… who upheld union between a man and a woman in the way Yehovah prescribes.  That verse doesn’t mention anyone in particular).  It also vaguely referenced census records that I don’t have access to in Hebrew.  Well, not without a TON of research, and I’m just… not interested enough for that.  So obviously, I’m not sharing her post.
HOWEVER, there was a nugget of Truth in it that really dropped my jaw, and THAT part I wanted to share, here.  She shared a little about Hebrew letters on her site.  And it got amazingly meaty, lemme tell ya!
God’s name – Yehovah (NOT Yaweh!) – is yud, hey, vav, hey.  I need to talk about this, before we get into what dropped my jaw, or you won’t understand when I get there.  The name of Adonai – YEHOVAH – is yud, hey, vav, hey in Hebrew.  There’s a graphic to the right to show you.  The letter hey is NOT a vowel… so it’s NOT “Y’hey V’hey”, or ‘Yahweh’, as the ignorant will have you believe.  Vowels are the little markers above and below the letters.  You can tell someone who doesn’t truly know Adonai Elohim by whether they call him ‘Yahweh’ or not… it’s like calling Yeshuah ‘Jesus’… NOT His name.  Almost an affront to Him… because it goes far deeper than just letters and sounds.  ‘Yehovah’ and ‘Yeshuah’ have three syllables – a number immensely important in scripture.  Two falls short… and causes HIM to fall short.  That’s a big BIG no for someone who claims not only to love Him, but to fear and exult Him.
Why a repeat of letters in His name?  I had the same question, today.  So I went to a letter meaning site, and learned some incredible things.  First (and as a tangent)… do you know why Saul changed his name to Paul in the New Testament?  Why not Maul or Vaul?  Because the Hebrew letter Shin/Sin  (our ‘S’) means “to destroy”.  The letter Pey (our ‘P’) means “a witness, a speaker”.  Is that not AMAZING?!  The apostle went from trying to destroy the Truth to being the single greatest advocate of it in the history of the world!
More… look at our Creator’s name.  The letter Yud means “Hand/Creator/Finished Work”, the letter Hey means “Show/Reveal”, and the letter Vav means “To Nail/Join together”.  So take a look at Yehovah’s name, and remember – Hebrew reads backwards (right to left):
“By the hand of God, behold the finished work
of  joining of man to Himself by way of a nailed joining.” 
Whoa, right?  YaHoVeH.  Four letters, three syllables.  Moving on from that, let’s look at what I saw this morning that blew my socks off.


ShiratDevorah’s post shared that the Hebrew words for ”man” אישׁ and ”woman” אשׁה only differ in the letters yud and hey, letters which are used to spell God’s Name. You can see the letters better to the right.  One of the letters from God’s name is in each of them.  The suggestion being that this indicates that God created man and woman to be pure and holy, that the relationship He ordained between them was pure and holy.   When the letters yud and hey are removed – when God and His will for them is removed – both words spell אשׁ – fire – showing that when God is not present, there is fire.

Is that not amazing?!

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