__________ July 10, 2015 __________


Good Afternoon.   I was going to do a ‘Week in Review’ from FB, but I barely posted over there.  Which is a GOOD thing – I’d rather post here, honest n’sure I would,  hon.  It’s just nicer, over here.  All green n’ stuff.  ((Love green.))  H’bout if I just mention the stuff from this week in a patchy-post, instead?  Will that do the trick, do you suppose?

School Stuff.  I’ve actually found enough gumption to start going thru all the stuff I’ve bookmarked over the past school year, that might be useful to the next semester.  It’s… extensive and messy, messy, messy… so I need the head-start.  But there are some really good resources out there!  It’s almost getting to where I want to focus more on what *I* want to learn, than what traditional education dictates.  It might get a little… unconventional, next year.  ((Should we be here.  That’s a given, with me.))

Topics Talk.  For example, I happen to be REALLY enjoying learning to both transmit and recieve Morse Code.  ((If I could ever find the charger for my ham radio, I could dust off the ol’ call sign and act like the radio amateur I’m supposed to be.))  I really want to get into electronics… there’s a really interesting looking class on-line for that, and I’ve half a mind to take it, myself.  I want to delve further into chemistry.  I don’t remember HS chemistry at all.  Health… I’d like to learn more about diseases, vaccinations,  treatments.  Religions of the world – I think the kids need to know about the different belief systems, and NOT out of a chrischun book, the oh-so-biased way I learned it.   These things are RELEVANT to our reality… y’know?  And barely get a mere nod in traditional education.  I want more.  ((shocker, right?))

Cool Coding.  This whole ginormous, incredibly time consuming thing I’ve started included something like ten different sites offering coding lessons.  Which is also something I really would like to learn more of.  I can hold my own in HTML/CSS, but beyond that… not so much.  But I’m a quick study, and if it’s engaging…?  Anyhow, I wanted to lower the number of links sitting around down, so I visited all of them, tried a little bit, was bored at some, uninterested in others, a few looked like they might be fun… but then I found   http://codecombat.com/  NO idea who linked me to it, but when I tried it?  I was instantly addicted, myself.  As for the kids, they were GLUED to the computer screen, all the way around me!  VERY kewl way to learn to code!  There are rules, though.  You learn to print.  Then when the writing is clean, you learn cursive.  When that’s mastered, you learn to type with DanceMat.  When you finish that, you move into Mark’s advanced typing.  When that’s done?  THEN coding.  They know how to get there, they just have to decide they want it, and GO there.

Family Fun.  Last week I was bemoaning the fact that we – as a nucleus family, with pretty much no extendeds involved – are so disconnected.  Remember when I said I was worried about my real dad’s FB disappearing?  That was a part of this whole ‘looking outward’ phase I’ve gone into, lately.  Feeling a bit nostalgic.  And do you know what happens when I do that?  I get some seriously incredible reality slaps.  First, I found my dad.  His mugshot on-line, anyhow.  Yeah… he’s in jail.  ((!!!!!))  I should be surprised but… I’m not.  Pro’ly a good thing we haven’t seen him in eight years.  The reason we parted ways?  Very connected to the reason he’s in jail.  Brian’s cousin… I’ve been watching his new relationship on Facebook.  It’s like a bad train wreck… and it’s tilting off the tracks, with a crash n’ burn coming up, soon.  It’s almost a mirror image of his last crash n’ burn… down to the little dog, too.  ((smh))  We heard about other fights and funs over the weekend with various and sundry family relations, too.  Not so sorry we’re more of a nucleus, now, LoL!

The Greats.  We did get over to great-grandpa’s farm to pull out boat out.  I bought a knee-board – my very first knee-board, of my own!  We had one, growing up, and a few years into our marriage, my aunt gave Brian and I one of hers, but a year later she came back and re-claimed it.  Anyhow, the kids are old enough, now.  It’s time… so I bought one.  And my goal this summer is to get comfortable driving the boat… AND pulling people behind it.  Growing up, my mother always insisted on driving, so I never really learned.  With camping coming up later in the month, I needed to get the boat out, so’s I can vacuum, clean, wash/wax it, and get it ready to go.  So we went over there, and the moment we showed up, the great-grandparents had a ‘honey-do’ list for us!

Last Night.  So last night we went back over (when we had more time), and Brian got up on the roof and cleaned out the gutters, weed whacked around the buildings.  I lugged baler twine, cat food (they go thru six big bags a week – it takes great-grandma three hours a day or more to feed cats), tried to gather bags (she just throws the bags to the corners of the barns), loaded the back of our truck with some of her newspaper stashes (they’re ALL over… I had to pitchfork some of them into a barrel to be burned, they were too disintegrated) – we took a truckload home to burn, and Brian saw some dated in the early 80s!).  Anyhow… that was an adventure, too.  We’re going back over to load a trailer up with trash to take to the dump.  They don’t have trash service, and… you don’t want to know.  Honest.

Hot Tub!  Because of several different family issues, we don’t feel we can ask anyone to help us move the hot tub we’ve purchased used off Craigslist.  The good news is that it was listed SO cheap (I would’ve paid twice as much for it, without blinking – considering it’s well cared for condition)… that we can afford to have it professionally moved for us.  I’m simply not strong enough, and our boys aren’t old/big enough to help.  And I feel better about it, anyhow.  So I went down and signed a contract, and… it’ll be delivered, NEXT WEEK!!!!  Getting excited!

Side Work.  Never in my entire life has there been a time when we had extra money.  I was a free-lunch kid, all the way through school.  I was a ramen-noodle eating, penny-pinching independent, when I launched out on my own as a bank teller.  Even when I got married, we had a nearly-condemned house that was sucking every spare dollar just to keep it from falling apart.  (Stupid, stupid, stupid…)  Then I started having children, and my income was gone, we had to move… we’ve been a family of seven living on a slightly-below median income for a long time, now.  Being tight?  That’s all I’ve ever known.  And this year, there has been SO MUCH side work coming to Brian, he barely can keep up after hours in our barn.  And as a result, we actually have a little extra.  Enough for the kneeboard and hot tub.  Enough that I don’t have to check the account every day, to make sure I don’t have to transfer to avoid overdrafts.  It’s… really disturbing.  I’m not used to it.  Not complaining, but… it’s very different.  I think it’s starting to get to me, a little.  I don’t like it… it feels wrong.  Artificial.  Like the eye of a tornado.  ((There.  I’ve said it.  You’re allowed to think I’m crazy.))

China & the Markets.  Are you watching the world?  China’s collapsing.  Greece isn’t looking too hot, either.  China could tip the EU enough that Greece looses it’s precarious hold on the threads it’s clinging to… and all of this, btw, is precursor to another US financial crisis.  Just thought I’d point out the tornado, and why I might not be as crazy as you think.  Part of me wonders if that isn’t the reason Ha’Shem is giving us so much side work.  That maybe he wants to shore us up for a coming tough time.  I don’t know.  I wouldn’t even know what to shore up.  But there it is.  I’m watching the world with some trepidation.  As usual.

C-c-catssses, precious.  ((< We’re reading Tolkein over lunch, these days.))  I was okay with the black cat that has moved under the back deck.  It’s been nice having a chipmunk/mole/mouser out there.  But it turns out now that it’s had babies.  Not so sure that’s okay.  That’s a lot of catssses, precious.  Might have to do something about that.  Like I didn’t have my hands full, live trapping those dadgum raccoons that keep getting in the goat feed.  ((Got #3, today!))  Yeah.  Life on a homestead is never dull!  We won’t mention the snakes.  ((oi, the snakes…!!!!))

Long.  I have talked too much, again.  I should be doing bills, about now.  Remind me later to blog about “What’s in the Bible”… because I should have, haven’t, and need to rant about THAT crap.  I should also be back-posting a half dozen Roman SotW posts.  In my spare time, right?  ((Someday.))  Anyhow, I gots t’go.  At least that catches things up, around here!

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  1. So good to hear of all the side work! Isn’t it amazing how there is all the struggle and then whammo, things are gonna be ok. Been experiencing a bit of that ourselves these days. Truly blessed!

    Woohoo, on the hot tub!!! And getting grandma and grandpas place more clean. Six big bags of cat food a week is a Lot! Yikes!


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