__________ July 17, 2015 __________

Welcome Av!

We have reached the month of Av… and four days after the new moon, it seems we have something worth looking at in the heavens.

“The planets Venus and Jupiter, known in Hebrew as ‘Nogah’ – SPLENDOR and RIGHTEOUSNESS, will meet in the constellation of Leo, which represents The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  After sunset Saturday, the evening of July 18th, a sliver of the moon, which represents the HOLY SPIRIT, will meet near a star named Regulus, the KING STAR on the paw of the Lion.

Put these heavenly signs all together and the Lord speaks to us of our King’s GLORY and RIGHTEOUSNESS and The Holy Spirit pouring forth.  The bright sign of Venus – God’s Splendor – will seem to hang upon the upper horn of the new moon- this is a picture of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these last days.  The Lion is roaring in Splendor and Righteousness and all heaven and earth will soon witness the return of our King!  Though all the nations rage below, Fear NOT! Our King is Ruler over all the heavens and the earth!”

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