__________ July 20, 2015 __________

Genealogy Goodness

Okay… so you know how I have this ‘More Four’, right?  ((If you don’t… well, here, hang on.))  The definition of Love (real love) is given in Mark 12:30… it’s nurturing in FOUR ways: relational, physical, intellectual, and spiritual.  FOUR ways.  It’s shown in Messiah in Luke 2:52.  It also plays out ALL over the place, in real life: four suits in a deck of cards.  Four sides of a square.  Four gospels in the New Testament.  Four types of love (eros, agape, etc.), four seasons… it goes on and on.  And they ALL fit.

It’s the four gospel one that I want to talk about:  because a long time ago I blogged about it, in depth.  That Matthew was the Jewish/spiritual-slant on the Gospel story, Luke was the Intellectual Gospel writer, Mark was the working man’s version, and John was the relational one, filling in the holes in the story so that people could relate to the Messiah better.  Having said?  Take a look at this.  It just takes my More-Four gospel thing, and expands it in a way I never saw coming:  genealogically! In answer to the question “why is there a discrepancy between Messiah’s ancestral line in Matthew, and in Luke”.  Frankly, I didn’t ever ask that question, but this answers it while confirming the ‘more four’ thing that I love so much!

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