__________ July 23, 2015 __________

Telling the Truth

A message from Colonel West, a US Army paratrooper, on what is happening to our country.  I’ve been saying the SAME thing… every time a Democrat comes into office, the military shrinks.  They’re closing bases, they’re cutting troops.  I had no idea it was as bad as he says, but I would wholly believe it, because it’s frightening as hell.  He talks about the recruitment center shooting, Iran, and the state of our military.

It’s a short video (only six minutes), and he’s straight to the point.  But he’s SO right.

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  1. Uhm, actually, the largest reduction in US military forces since WW2 were made under Nixon/Ford (Vietnam stand-down) and George HW Bush (the post-cold-war “peace dividend”). All were Republicans. The recruitment center and previous shootings are all about the ridiculous ease with which the mentally ill can obtain firearms. Military aggression as diplomacy was used by GW Bush (another Republican) and the result was ISIS. Iran is NOT contributing to anti-US terrorism because the groups doing that (ie al-Qaeda and ISIS) are Sunni while Iran is Shiite and have been in bloody conflict since a few years after Mohammed died about a thousand years ago. The entire reason Iran has a problem with the US and became a theocracy is because the CIA under Eisenhower (another Republican) overthrew their democratic government in 52 (look up Mossadegh) and installed the Shah who was a brutal dictator – all to protect western control of their oil reserves. Even then, it was only after the US refused to extradite the Shah back to Iran after the overthrow which caused the storming of the embassy and the hostage taking. Carter authorized a military rescue mission which was the first such special forces operations mission which Obama authorized to kill bin-Laden. Carter then actually successfully negotiated a release of the hostages.

    So basically neither you nor West knows a damned thing about history – ancient or recent – or anything about the dynamics of Middle East politics. West is making a judgment about something he has never even seen and opining on a subject about which he knows absolutely nothing. He is an ignorant unintelligent bloviator and belongs nowhere near government. He is right-wing and so wrong.

  2. Wow… I actually have a rule about accepting comments longer than my post, but since I know you, I’ll let it go. Besides, your comment was full of valuable information.

    I have to admit to you… we haven’t gotten far enough in our history studies for me to know if what you say is true or not. Really want to get there, though – I don’t remember much of the more modern history from school, and it’s a serious problem for me. I do know my own history – Clinton closed the first base I grew up on. Obama is closing the second. Both bother me, greatly.

    I will say that – whether Democrat or Republican, I still feel the same way about the reduction of the military. It’s not a good time for it. It worries me. And I don’t like/trust EITHER party.

    • So you admit not knowing anything about certain subjects but make decisions and spread opinions based on that lack of knowledge? Claiming to not trust either party is insufficient excuse. One must choose a side. Choosing neither is an abdication of the responsibility we citizens have in the Democratic process.

      • There is a difference between spreading opinion and stating opinion. I’ve taken it nowhere except my own place. That’s stating opinion. If I’d left it in a comment (as you have your statements) at another place, that would be spreading opinion.

        Not having an opinion at all is the definition of choosing neither, so I don’t exactly fit the box you’re trying to push me into. There are other options, you know. Anarchy, LIbertarianism, Communism, Constitutionalism, etc. There are always alternatives, ways around problems. Some worse, some better. People just aren’t creative enough to find them, anymore. It’s black or white, these days. And that’s wrong – there’s so much gradient, in between that is lost in that kind of thinking. Another opinion, but consider it stated and not spread. I simply don’t like my world to be reduced to Democrat or Republican. It’s ugly that stark.

        Basing our choices on that which we know is all anyone can do. It’s logic. Not that I have anything against faith (obviously), but not where politics are concerned, and certainly not at this point in time.

        And, please understand… I’m not going to lie and pretend I’m knowledgeable on every front, LoL!! I don’t know anything about a LOT of things! Bet you have your weak topics, too. Impressionism, as a weak example? Doesn’t mean you can’t say you like the movement or not, that you find it to be one way or another. That you like the music but don’t care for the art side of it. It’s the same thing.

        If you want me to choose peanut butter or jelly, I’m going to tell you I’d rather have honey, thanks. Not caring for the first two IS sufficient excuse, and I don’t have to choose either. And rejecting them for something else – something that might work better IS a valid choice.

        When evidence (the deficit, immigration, war on terror, etc) proves that the two political choices pushed on us don’t work? Rejecting them both for something TRULY new is not out of the question. It’s not an abdication of responsibility, it’s an attempt to find a way out of a rut.

        If left or right were the only choices in life, we’d all be square. Don’t fault me for wanting a curve, my friend.

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