____________ July 29, 2015 ___________

Bus Conversions

I have nothing to offer, today.  I spent the entire day reading other people’s blogs.  ((Yes, Virginia, other people still blog… I just have to look hard to find them.))  Today I found three that I want to work my way through.  And it’s all Facebook’s fault.

I was looking at this bus converted into an inn, and wanted to see other buses that have been renovated in appealing ways.  I love that stuff…!  Here are a few of the pictures I want to save… just because I like the ideas!






And here are the blogs that I’m fully intending to work my way through:




This is not to say that someday I would want to live this way.  I don’t believe that will ever be my way of life.  But to travel in one, with a little place to return to when the adventuring starts to wear on me?  That would be fun, wouldn’t it?  Anyhow… that’s where I am, today.  Reading about other people’s buses, LoL!

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