__________ September 01, 2015 __________

Busy, Busy, Busy

Happy September!  It being the first day of the month, I can now officially say that I lost three pounds in August.  Seven in July, which brings me to TEN pounds since Independence Day.  I’m trying to slim down, a little.  I’m not fat – a lady who stands 5’9 can never be fat – but I carried six babies and LOOK like I carried six babies, around the middle.  Have decided now is the best time to do something about it.  And ten pounds in eight weeks is a good start, right?

THREE category 4 hurricanes in the Pacific at the same time.  Can you believe that?  A FB friend (she’s a survivalist/prepper) says it’s caused by the decay of the radiation that is leaking into Pacific Ocean from Fukushima nuclear reactor.  As the radiation decays it causes the ocean to become unnaturally warm.  I suppose it doesn’t help that there’s an underwater volcano off Oregon erupting and heating the ocean, too.  I’m pretty sure the west coast is a good place NOT to live, at this point.  Do you have any thoughts on that?

Lots of projects going on around our homestead.  Moving ducks, moving goats, power washing, and gardening.  I’m NOT a survivalist, but I dabbled once upon a time – that’s how I met her.  I don’t believe anyone can be self-sufficient, after having moved in that direction.  It isn’t possible.  But we can have fun and teach the kids responsibilities with critters and take some precautions in case of emergencies.  And supplementing our large family with a garden does help.  I’m just not gung-ho, EMP paranoid, zombie-invasion-ish.  And I don’t think most survivalists are very smart anymore, anyhow – they’re too noisy about their views and ‘preps’.  It’s not wise, for people who think they’re being smart.

Also made a bunch of phone calls, yesterday.  Consumers put a new smart meter on our house, and has been giving us ‘erroneous estimates’ of our usage, every since.  It’s ugly.  I didn’t want the smart meter, but they charge to keep the old meters, and we just don’t have the extra for that, let alone ‘erroneous estimates’.  I also tried to sign the kids up for swim classes for the fall.  It… didn’t work.  People are space fillers, anymore, I swear… they don’t even know when they’re offering classes, and they’re the aquatics director!

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