__________ September 07, 2015 __________

Packing Day!

It’s a holiday, so… Happy Labor Day!  My mother always told me that I was born on Labor Day, but whether or not it was ‘Teptember Two’ or not that year, I have no idea.  I wonder if I could look it up on line?  Yup.  Just as I suspected.  It was a Sunday.  (Hrmph again.)

Today we finish the garden (morning), clean people up and have lunch (noon), and then pack the camper and go out to the lake (afternoon/evening).  Everyone is excited – especially Owen (5), who learned to ride a TWO-WHEELED bike, yesterday!  We’ll bring two bikes for him: his training-wheeled one, and ‘Wipe-Out’ (<fitting name for a beginner two-wheeler, don’t you think?!).  He just got on it and went, though!  I was so proud of him.  Little farmer!

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