_________ September 12, 2015 _________

CPL Day!

Gun class day! It. Was. A. Joke.  First, when I called the man hold it, he told me that since we were renewals we only needed 3 hours class time and an hour of range time, so we could just come 8 to 11.  What he *DIDN’T* tell us was that the class started at 7:30… so we walked in looking like late idiots.  I don’t like looking like a late idiot.  I was *all* shades of bristly over that.  And he hadn’t told the Sheriff who was doing the legal talk, so the sherriff made a big deal out of our interrupting him.  Which…. it WAS rude, but I swear we wouldn’t have done it if we’d known.

When they took a break, he called the renewals aside (there were 34 in the class, 4 were renewals, 7 were women, I was the only female renewal), and he said we could just leave when our three hours were in, that we didn’t need anything stating we’d come, just that we’d check off a box on the form at city hall saying we took it (what is that, the honor system?!).  He said there was a range out back if we wanted to use it, but we could just go home and shoot in the back yard, he wasn’t going to watch, either way.  I couldn’t BELIEVE how lax it was.  It felt wrong.  I like documentation, and verification.  There weren’t none!

Funny story for you: Yesterday morning on my way to the bath-house, my shoe was scraping funny.  I figured there was a stone in the tread, so I asked a kid to pick it out for me.  “It’s a nail – I can’t!”  So I just told him nevermind.  Then later on at home, we took our firearms out to do the shooting portion for the class, and my guy had a paper plate target and a log, and this weird tool that’s like a hammer-stapler.  Well, it wasn’t fastening the target to the log for crap, and he said, “Dang it, I have to go get a nail from the barn…”  And I just lifted up my foot and said, “Here, take mine!”  So he pulled the nail out of my shoe, used it to hammer in the target… and I proved to be a little prepper girl, not even meaning to!  LoL!

Our babysitter was running late, this morning, but we had told them we’d be gone until 1:30 and we got back by 11:45, so they didn’t have to watch the kidlets for very long, after all.  It was SO c-c-c-cold that my cousin had a HUGE pile of wood amassed and had a fire going for everyone to warm up around.  We grilled, and then he wanted to go over and talk about something with his mom (the aunt I visited last night) without his children hearing, so we ended up watching HIS kids for that!  Reciprocal babysitting!  It works, I guess!

All of my kids got the cold, now.  Oi my vey!  And getting them up at 6:45 meant everyone was out of whack.  So I fed them candy and let them get their freak-out on, all day.  They were pretty pumped about our last major shofar blow, tonight.  (Three blows, actually.  It was lovely, over the water with the sun setting).  Then we sang around the fire and now they’re whispering in their bunks.

TOMORROW IS ROSH HA’SHANA!!  And go-home day, and take the boat out and bring it home day, and feast day, and candlelight bath day, and… it’s going to be so, SO packed.  I’m a little overwhelmed, over here.   We have to be off the lot by 1pm, but there’s a whole packing system in place, and everyone knows to pitch in, so it should go pretty smoothly.  If we can get ’em all some sleep!

A kid funny for you:  My cousin walked my youngest boy (5) to the bath house.  Owen was talking a MILE a minute, even in the stall, and Steve (my cousin) is standing outside, shaking his head.  “You talk a lot, kid.”  He said, as my husband walked in the bathrooms.  My guy says, “Owen.  Be quiet and do your business.”  Owen pauses, and says, “Wow, Steve!  You can sound JUST like my dad!!  How did you DO that?”  Steve said, “I’m really good.”  Owen says, “Do it again!”  So my husband (who has a really deep voice) says, “Are you done, yet?”  And Owen says, “That’s so cool!”  Steve is just BUSTIN’ up, trying not to laugh out loud, and then Owen comes out of the stall (he’s too short for a urinal, yet), and he sees Steve and his daddy standing there, and he goes, “Oh.”  And then he walks away.  The two guys laughed and LAUGHED at that!  It was so funny.  Kids are a riot.

Going home will be bittersweet.  A relief, but…  I’m going to miss the fires – we’ve had some beautiful campfires.  We did sand sculptures – I should show you my giant sand ladybug.  The kids made a squirrel with acorns, a snow sandman, a fort, a castle and something Ninjago (?!).   But it’s been fun, biking and playing, in spite of not being able to get in the water.  Hate for vacation to end, but there are feasts to celebrate, and homiGOSH, I’m coming up on homeschool planning – we start back the second Monday in October…!

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