_________ September 13, 2015 __________

Fall Feast Time!

I really (really) like feasts.  Which is a really good thing, because it’s FEAST season!  And this is the craziest time of the year for us.  First there’s the food.  You have to understand… I like my food.  A lot.  Too much – s’why I’m chubby.  But I figure I only have one life to life and it’s not going to be devoid of chocolate, garlic, cheese or white sauce.  Greens are for rabbits, I’m not going to nibble away at salads.  So feasts?  They’re magnificent!  And it helps that I’m a great cook.  Dunno where it came from – my mom was a chicken nuggets and tater tots kinda mother.  But I can cook really well.  It shows… right here, at my middle.  *snicker!*

Tonight’s food was really good.  We’re supposed to serve fish for the feast (with the head still on it) for Rosh Ha’Shana, as it’s the HEAD of the new year.  I had steak and mushrooms, though, so we had those, along with cheesy potato casserole, and a round loaf (symbolizes the cyclical year), and carrots in brown sugar (symbolizing a wish for prosperity into the new year), apples dipped in honey (for a sweet new year), and always some funky fruit we’ve never tried.  Being we were camping and in the boonies (nowhere near specialty grocers), we opted for whole pears, this year.  They’ve had canned, cubed pears, before, but my kids’ve never had a whole, bite-into-the-skin pear.  They weren’t impressed.  But it was fun, just watching their facial expressions.

In case you didn’t catch it from all the symbolism, Rosh Ha’Shana is the first day of the Jewish New Year.  It’s also traditionally the seventh day of Creation, when everything was finished being spoken into being, and the world was officially ‘born’.  It’s the beginning of the cycle put into motion.  So the kids make a crown for our globe and put it on the table, to show the Creator’s masterpiece – the world.  We wish each other ‘Shana Tova’  (Happy New Year), and Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday). We also blow the shofar one more BIG HUGE time, since Rosh Ha’Shana is also called ‘Yom Teruah’, or ‘Day of the Awakening Noise’.  It’s all fun.

In our house, we take it further – we have individual candlelight baths in the big garden tub.  It’s hot and bubbly and flickery in the dark, and the kids LOVE it, and it’s kind of a mikvah (purification) for the new year, starting it off clean.  So yeah… a LOT of big things, today, after coming home and unpacking!!  (As if there weren’t enough going on, already.)

I wish I had more for you, tonight, but after packing up, leaving, unpacking, going back for the boat (ours is just a 16′ ski-boat), coming home and then diving into feast preparations and the works… I’m kind of pooped!  I know that’s not fair, is it?  Here I signed on, agreeing to write… and then going on and on about things that are pro’ly Greek to you!   This, too, shall pass.   I promise.  Anyhow, tonight was one of the three busiest, so we’re one down, anyhow, right?

Okay.  I’m off for the evening… but how in the WORLD am I going to get back on the morning schedule, from here?  Just gonna have to write to you, again, in the morning.  Two in one day, for you!  (You’ll live.)

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