_________ September 14, 2015 __________

Our 2015 Taslich

Happy Fall Feast Day, take two!

(And Shana Tova, and Chag Rosh Ha’Shana Sameach!)  Today is the *second* day of Rosh Ha’Shana: it’s a two-day feast.

Anyhow, we celebrate the second day of the present feast with a practice called ‘Tashlich’.  We usually take pizza to the park/river/lake, and make a picnic out of it. THIS year, we’re going to (town name).  It’s a town where we lived for the first ten years of our marriage.  I was very involved in theatre and church, there… once upon a time. We still have a lot of friends there.

(Town name) also has an amazing bike trail – it’s a nine mile circle that goes under roads, thru a tunnel, beneath a train bridge, along the river, around the lake in town… it’s a great ride.  We try to go up and do that once a summer.  We haven’t yet, this year… and can’t, until after tonight’s trip.  You see, we’re getting my girl a new/used bike (off Craigslist).  She’s grown out of hers, and needs a full-size adult bike.  So we’re combining Tashlich – at the Flat River – with a Craigslist adventure!

I ended up on the sofa, last night.  Our first night home.  Woke up at 1am, and I swear, it smelled SO BAD in our room…!  Like cat poo, under the bed, directly beneath my pillow.  It’s not possible – our room is shut up when we go away, so cats can’t get in it (MY fault.  I’m not a cat lover.).  But it was so strong, I couldn’t stand it, and certainly couldn’t sleep.  My guy was o.u.t., so he had no idea what was going on.  So I just got up and left.  What a way to come home!  When he got up, he was like, “Where’d she go…?!”  And he (being more logical at 6am than I am at 1am) brought the candles from our mikvah bath into the bedroom and lit them all over, killing the smell.  Husbands can be so handy…!  LoL!!  Anyhow, I got to move back into our room, in the end.  But man, that sucked!  He thinks maybe a skunk was outside the window.  I’m not convinced.  So today I have to do a thorough search of the area, and make sure nothing walked in and died in there while we were camping.  Cuz that was just wrong, s’all I’m sayin’…

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