_________ September 16, 2015 __________

What a Year!

It’s official: I’m going to be socialized to death, this coming year.

It’s already started.  I’ve got the girl enrolled in contemporary dance class.  We do family (almost free) karate on Tuesdays.  Wednesdays is my swim night (which… maybe I can switch to Mondays to try to gain a night home?).  Thursdays are the four boys’ swim lessons.  Thursdays for the months of Oct/Nov are also a (free) ‘Junior Discoverers Club’ for the kids in the late afternoon.  One Thursday a month in the early afternoon is (free) Homeschool group, and one Thursday night a month is the (free) moms-only homeschool co-op that I have to attend in order to be privy to the monthly field trips in my area.  One Friday a month is (free) Hymn Sing at the old folks home, and every other Saturday morning up until Thanksgiving is (free) archery.  Holy WOW is that a lot of me running around!!  I haven’t even started, and I’m tired, just looking at it all.  Had to add all the ‘frees’ in there, so you understand that I couldn’t even CONSIDER this list if most of it weren’t without cost for the activities.

That’s on top of the nine feast days between here and Halloween, and speaking of… I haven’t even *started* on Halloween costumes.

Oh, and hey… I still have to put together the pieces of this curriculum thing and schedule it so that we can go places AROUND the schooling.  Let’s not work miracles or anything, over here!  HELLLLLLLPPPPP!!!!   (It’s okay.  I get this way, every fall.  And survive.  But there’s panic, involved.)

And then there’s the garden – the Romas are ripe and ready to be picked.  I have spaghetti sauce to can.  And if we could keep our hineys HOME for five bleepin’ minutes, I could pull down the separator fences and acclimate Jamie Jo (our new little doe) into the girl goat pen.   Gotta watch, because she’s so small, and alpha has to be established – hopefully with little fighting.

Oh, and I make my FB public from Rosh Ha’Shana to Sukkot, so there are people showing up in my messages, and ‘poking’ me.  I don’t understand that poking stuff.  They’re just lucky their behind a screen, cuz I’m a little strung out, and don’t *LIKE* to be poked on a good day!  ((grumble, grumble!!))

Today I’m taking the DAY OFF this machine and getting out in the yard.  Picking tomatoes.  Working on scrapbooking on the deck.  Breathing air, for a while.   Maybe bringing the stacks of stuff I’ve printed out and trying to make heads or tails of everything on paper.  Sounds like a plan.

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