_________ September 17, 2015 __________

Just a Short One

Well, last night was my last Wednesday night swim.  I have to switch to Mondays, or I’ll go insane from being gone too many nights.  I don’t LIKE being gone too much.  But swim is from 6-8, and my girl’s dance class is from 7:30-8:30, a half an hour away from the pool, so if we hit swim from 6:00-6:40, I’m dressed by 6:50 at the LATEST (I can move, if it’s just me), we can make it to dance by 7:20.  It’s doable.

Except now I have a new worry:  swim guy still hasn’t returned, so now I have this dreadful thought that maybe he went to Monday swims to give me space.  Showing up and crashing Mondays?  It would be hideous, don’t you think?  I don’t *think* he does Mondays, either – I talked to Speedo gal (her name is Kathy), and she goes on Mondays, too.  In fact, she’s been swimming with me, more and more.  Last night she called me her ‘swimming buddy’ and said she misses me when she swims on Mondays.  Talk about making my WEEK.  ((((GRINS!))))  But I hinted at a guy who once had a lane put up, and she said, ‘I remember that!’.  Which isn’t ‘He does that on Mondays’.  So I might be safe.  AND… I have a swim buddy!!  *Geeking!*

Four ice cream buckets of Roma tomatoes out of the garden, yesterday.  I finished getting all photos thru April 2015 in the scrapbook, and we moved Jaimie-Jo (new little doe) in with the girl goats.  Not bad… AND I’m up to 40 minutes, swimming.  But I can’t get on a scale.  Vacation packed on pounds, I just know it, and I can’t face the scale, yet.

I’m actually writing this at 12:17am… so when I say ‘good morning’… it’s technical.  I can’t sleep.  Tomorrow is Thursday, and Thursdays are frightening, at the moment.  We have our first homeschool co-op at 1pm.  We went, last year, so I know what to expect.  It’s thru a public library two counties over (yes, I drive that far for it).  But it’s small and quiet and creative.  Then we lunch out, head home, and… this week there’s no Junior Explorers, but that will be from 4-5 in another county, and then swim lessons for the boys start tomorrow night (Four boys.  I’m nervous!!!) in yet another county from 7-7:30.  I’m thinking we’re going to go to a 4-day school week (with Sunday night humanities), and just take Thursdays off.  Or call it P.E., art, and science away days.  I don’t know.  But tomorrow is CR-azy.  And I’m missing the first ‘R’ meeting (homeschool mom group that I have to attend to be privy to homeschool field trips).  It’s tomorrow night, too, and I just can’t go!

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