___________ September 28, 2015 __________

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Good morning, and Happy Sukkot!!!

I’m glad you don’t mind my Jewish terms, because they’re a HUGE ((((h.u.g.e!!)))) part of this month.  I promise I’ll shut up about it for a while again after today (mostly), but Sukkot is the culmination of all things… the LAST fall feast!!  And did I mention it’s HUGE?  Here’s why… it’s ‘Christmas’!  Messiah was born, on Sukkot!  I know that sounds ridiculous, but if you were to do a study on it, you’ll find every church out there quietly admitting that He was born in the fall, not winter.  Shepherds would’ve have been out at night in winter.  The census Mary & Joseph went to their hometown for?  It would’ve been conducted over Sukkot, because the Jews were required to travel for that feast day, anyhow… it would’ve been used to the gov’ts benefit.

But it goes back to my (His) beloved feasts.  There are seven feasts, four in the spring and three in the fall.  The four in the spring are a set of three (Pesach/Passover, Unleavened Bread, and Firstfruits) and then fifty days later, a ‘floater’ feast (Shavuot/Pentecost).  Then there’s the ‘summer’, or harvest time (your wife knows the verse: ‘The harvest is plentiful, the laborers are few’?)  Then after this long period of nothing, there’s another set of three feasts in the fall.  The cool thing is that something major happened in Messiah’s life *ON* each of these days.  He was crucified *ON* Passover.  He was laid without life (unleavened) in the tomb *ON* the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  He rose again *ON* Firstfruits, as the ‘firstfruits’ of those who will rise with Him, someday.  Then, fifty days later, His spirit descends *ON* Pentecost.

So the question begs… if something major happens with Messiah *ON* each spring feast day, what happens on the fall feast days, after that long period of ‘summer’ that we’ve been in, since His resurrection?  (And I know – Jews don’t believe Messiah has come yet.  I’m not Jewish.  I’m also not Christian.  Jews have obedience to the Word/Torah, but not faith in Messiah.  Christians have faith in Messiah, but not obedience to the Word/Torah.  Both are missing half of the Truth.  Ha’Satan’s best deception: to keep both faiths from having the full picture.)  Anyhow, come to find out, someday in the future, Messiah will return *ON* Rosh Ha’Shana (Feast of Trumpets).  He will judge mankind *ON* Yom Kippur (Judgment Day).  And we finally will dwell with Him *ON* Sukkot… ‘sukkot’ means ‘to dwell’.  The Jewish wedding feast is seven days long, so Sukkot is kind of a picture of the Groom and His bride.

It goes WAY deeper than that… scripture always does.  It turns out there are actually SEVEN fulfillments of each feast.  I’ve only managed so far to get six of them, and I can’t find anyone else who has actually found them all.  But it turns out that Sukkot is a seven day feast, with a big celebration the first day, and a feast the eighth day, at the end of it.  If you look at Luke 2:21, you’ll find that on the eight day, Jewish babies were circumcised (cut off from sin) and given their names… including Messiah.  You’ll also find – if you do a study on John the Baptist and when he was born (and when Messiah was born, in correlation – based on Zechariah’s priestly rotation) that John was born on Passover, and that puts Messiah’s birth at the fall feasts.  Born on Sukkot, and eight days later circumcised… with a feast on His birth-day and brit-milah day, marking it thousands of years ahead of time!  John 1:14 also alludes to it, when he says, “The Word became flesh and ‘dwelled’ among us.”  The word he used there was ‘sukkot’!

Then what is Christmas?  It’s a pagan mix of crap.  It was once the Roman feast day of the Sun-God.  They didn’t want to give up their party, so when Christianity was being spawned, they simply threw out Sukkot, and turned December 25th into the day of the ‘Son of God’.  What fellowship hath light with darkness, indeed!  What a mess!!  And how that’s got to make the Creator feel, trading up Truth for crap?!  (I’m a little zealous about this.)

S’why we’re sleeping in tents, this week – to remember when Israel lived in tents, apart from the promise (past tense), to mark that we’re still basically in exile, waiting for the promise (present tense), and to symbolize a coming time when we will no longer be apart from Him (future tense).  We shake the lulav every night… which is complicated to explain, but is a kind of offering of ourselves to Him.  And the seventh day (end of redemption period) and eighth day (cut off from sin/new name) are the most important, so staying on the sofa for a week builds up to HUGE joy and relief at NOT having to stay on the dadgum sofa, anymore!  (LoL!)  Well, that and anticipation for the end of everything, period.

The one we used to sleep in is now over the table (so we can EAT in it).  The one set up for everyone to sleep in is… *BIG*!!!  Crazy big.  And every year we make a ‘family banner’, so that’s what hangs from the sukkah.  I don’t much care for this year’s, or I’d zoom in for you.  It’s a little… um, colorful, for my tastes.  But that’s what we did, yesterday.  Put up the sukkah, ran around getting our four elements for the lulav, designed/colored our banner… and *didn’t* see the eclipse.  Too much cloud coverage, and that was even driving to the gravel pit for an unobstructed attempt at viewing it.  Major bummer!

My guy also pulled the back bearings off my car, so I’m vehicle-less, today.  They were bad, making some serious noise.  So tonight (should we be here) I’ll be driving the truck to lap swim (me) and dance class (Lydia) while he puts my ride back together.  Driving the truck to town sounds daunting.  The truck is BIG.  It’s his baby.  I like trucks, but honestly?  I don’t like this one.  And he is *ALL* about that truck.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why.  Except to add that his being *ALL* about the truck makes me seriously nervous about driving it!

Oh, and… it’s my anniversary, today.  Nineteen years with the same guy.  (Well, 21, to be technical.  Six months ‘just friends’, Six months dating, and a year engaged.)  We don’t have babysitters, so we don’t go out.  Well… we’ll go out, but all of us, together, and probably next weekend, as our ‘adventure’.  I need time to think something up, though, for it!

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