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The Love of Learning

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I don’t know Morse for ‘exclamation point’.  Sorry.  But I’ve got ALL of my letters down, now.  VERY exciting, I might add!  I don’t know any numbers yet – that’ll be the first thing I aim for when we re-start school.  And it’s also on my list to learn my letters in Binary.  I can do numbers (VERY laboriously), but not letters, yet.  In case you haven’t noticed?  I kind of like codes, puzzles, and languages.  I just wish I were smarter.  I’m half afraid age is going to catch up with me, and I’ll forget everything.

The worst is sitting down to the piano and knowing a song, but for the LIFE of me, forgetting where the heck I was going.  I’ll be mid-song and… *nothing*.  And I’ll stop and stare at the keys in consternation… and then heave a HUGE sigh, start over, and not have a single hang up, the second time around.  I give my head most of the credit – it just knows, and I mostly don’t have to concentrate too hard.  My hands also seem to have some memory in them, weirdly.  Except my left hand is slightly remedial.  I have to watch that sucker all of the time – it has NO idea whether it’s coming or going, half the time!  Speaking of, I’ve picked my song for October!  I’m going to be learning to play “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.  My daughter saw it on a sheet music site I was browsing, and had heart palpitations over it, and so I downloaded the score.  It’s actually really beautiful… and I can stumble my way thru it, but it’s going to take some polishing and working over to do it justice.

The score is here (https://musescore.com/user/1417101/scores/1223736), and there’s button at the top that you can push to hear it – and it follows along with the music for you, which is always fun if you don’t read music, yourself.    BUT…!  It’s digitally rendered, so there’s NO emotion to it, and sounds a little ‘robotic’ compared to a person playing it.  Also, I despise the repetition in the bottom notes, and am re-working it to do full runs instead of that Mozart-y pattern stuff.  I rework stuff a LOT.  It’s the anal thing I have going on.  But mostly it’s really beautiful – moreso with a real piano and person pouring some feeling into it!

But it’s kind of a goal to keep learning.  And learning, and learning…!  I figure it’s infectious – if I instigate and enjoy studying, researching, practicing, learning, deciphering…?  Then my kids will, too.  Except that I’m blonde and getting older and don’t retain the way that they do.  But karate?  It’s all my fault, I’m the one who drags them along with me.  Guitar?  Yeah, I’m the one driving the boat on that, too.  Languages?  Yup.  And reading!  When I met my guy, he’d never read a book.  Not even for school – he blew it all off.  I wasn’t about to stand for THAT – I grabbed up a book, let myself in the bathroom as he was getting in the shower, and started reading to him.  He reads as much as I do, these days!  And my kids read MORE!!  (*it’s awesome!!!!*)  And art – I have missed Sketch Tuesdays this summer, and am looking forward to getting back to them, again.  The kids are, too – although it’ll have to be Sketch Thursday, this year, methinks…

Speaking of, it’s ArtPrize in our town!  It’s the world’s largest art competition.  They turn the whole city into a gallery – there’s art in restaurants, stores, on sidewalks, on lawns, in parks… it’s craziness.  I’ve never been, myself – I don’t like humans, and there are TONS of people, everywhere.  But I’m thinking that we might go, this year.  Maybe really early on a Tuesday, or something, while people are at work/school.  We looked at the site, made a list of what we’d like to see and where… the trick is going to be plotting out a route to take to see it.  But everyone is excited about it, so I’m mustering gumption for it!

Happy October, by the way!  I’m something like three days late on that, but you’ll forgive me.  Anyhow, the verdict is in, and I didn’t lose a single pound in September.  I also didn’t gain a single pound in September.  My BFF assured me that this is good news, because I’m probably doing the fat-into-muscle thing, and hit the balance point.  R’something.  It sounded better when she said it.  I guess considering all of the feasts, I should be glad I kept what I lost the last two months off, no?  Especially since I kinda quit the intermittent fasting.  (One simply does not intermittently fast during the Fall feasts.)  If we’re still here come Tuesday, I’ll go back to it, then.  But I’m kind of looney about Hoshana Rabba and Shimini Atzeret.  I will tell you about them, soon enough.  Should we be here.  And I know I keep saying that, but if I tried to explain, you’d think I was looney.  So we’ll just shelve that for now.  But for three days, I do a lot of wondering about what’ll happen during those three days.   (And after them, go into a serious funk, if we’re still here.  Forewarning you.  My guy hates this part of things, because I get so crazy.)

Friday was soooooooooooo nice.  We hung out at home.  All day!  I made banana bread, finished laundry, folded something like eight loads, did finances, played piano, worked on costumes (Aaron’s and Owen’s are nearly finished!  Owen needs three big safety pins and his cape dyed brown.  Aaron’s crown is in the mail, and he needs his hair dyed dark.).  But two down, five to go!  We tended critters, went for a dip in the hot tub, had Shabbat supper and then – because we finished ‘Fellowship of the Rings’ (<<the book) at lunch, we could watch the movie, last night.  We have a rule in our house – you don’t watch the movie until you read the book.  They were SO. EXCITED. to see the film version of it!  Now they’re begging for ‘Two Towers’.  Yes, yes, let me get right on that…!!

And I’ve officially put away the skirts for the summer.  I wear skirts in the summer, pretty much all the time (unless we’re hiking).  Not long *homeschooler* skirts… more like 1940’s, knee-length skirts.  Or sundresses.  Cool and easy to move around in.  But once it’s cold, they go away.  And it’s time.  Because it has gotten c-c-c-cold out, up here!!  It’s mournful, though.  When I was younger, I loved the fall best of all seasons.  I have a harder time with it, these days.  I miss the sun and the green and the LIFE, more.  Not sure why.  My Lydia is all winter, all the way.  She yearns for it.  And I love deep winter, but not what it does to my waistline.  Gonna fight it, this year.  I didn’t, last winter – I got Novembered, and you can be VERY glad we hadn’t met, at that point – it was very bad, for a very long time… thru June, almost.  That’s a LONG November, my friend!  Glad that’s over.  But I don’t want to say goodbye to the warmth, yet.

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