___________ October 07, 2015 __________

The Runaround Birthday

Today was my guy’s 41st birthday.  (♫♪♫ Happy birthday  to him, happy birthday to him… ♫♪♫)  Nobody at his work knew that it was his birthday, but in spite of that, they gave him a great present – he got to go on a (paid!) field trip.  A programmer from his work rented a big, *BIG* boat, and took 12 guys from the shop fishing out on Lake Michigan.  Excitement was high.  He’s always among the ones chosen for special stuff at work – last May, a salesman who does business with the shop invited six guys to go up in hot air balloons – a side (weekend) business of his.  My guy was one of the six.  He’s selected to go to Chicago for an extended work/play weekend every third September (mostly because he knows the machines better than anyone else).  And his boss has told him to get his passport around, because he’s thinking of taking three guys to Italy next June, and apparently my guy is one of the guys he wants along to a massive machining show.  I’m glad for him – he’s a hard worker, trustworthy and dependable.  He earns the favor that he receives.  It’s just icing on the cake that he got to go out on the Big Lake on his birthday.

Where trouble came in was that he got to town this morning and couldn’t find his debit/credit card.  It’s the only card we carry, so that’s a BAD thing.  Apparently he used it at an ATM on Monday, and forgot to take it back from the machine, so it’s *gone*.  And with the big fishing trip, he was seriously worried about being cashless/cardless.  (I did give him a $10 from my purse before he left, today, which was REALLY good, because he needed gas on the way in, and would’ve had a REAL problem without that money!)

Anyhow, this morning at the crack of a.m. was Lydia’s orthodonist appt, so we went there, then went and got breakfast, and then hurried into town to hit an ATM and get him some money to have for the day.  It’s very rare for a woman to be seen in the shop, so it was a BIG DEAL that I showed up at his workplace.  With excitement so high, already?  Having a chick in the place was just huge!  I blushed.  🙂  But at least he had cash for the day, and on the way home we went and picked up his cake at our favorite grocer’s… but (being a piddly small town grocer) they didn’t have beef meatballs.  You have NO idea what a pain it is, buying meat or pizza as a Torah-based person.  Pork is OUT… and do you think there are *any* beef options?   Nooooo.  Four different bags/brands of meatballs, and ALL of them containing pork.  Same story with hot dogs, although they’re starting to offer turkey and beef franks more and more, thank heavens.  And pizza!  They have sausage, bacon, pepperoni, or ham on EVERY option except plain cheese.  Drives me crazy.  And… I’m ranting.  Sorry!

At least we got him $$.  And I just wanted to go HOME, so we settled in for a little.  Meanwhile he texted – said he changed his mind and didn’t want to go, anymore.  Too social for him.  I assured him that he’d be fine, once he was on the water, with the sun and wind and waves.  It was just panic, at the moment.  (Does that sound like the voice of reason?  How’d I get to be *that*?!)  He wasn’t fine on the water.  The waves were six foot, and that boat wasn’t as big as he thought, and he tossed cookies.  Twice.  In front of co-workers.  Never a good thing.  But he caught the biggest fish – 24″ lake trout.  So I have fish to fry up, now!

Meanwhile, we loaded back up, went BACK into Grand Rapids, and I got the meatballs, then stopped impulsively at the video store and got a movie he’s wanted to see (that I hated the very THOUGHT of) – “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  It’s a Marvel Comic done space-style with a walking tree and a raccoon…?  I don’t even know, and we just finished the thing.  It was insanely stupid and violent.  But he’s a guy… he kind of enjoys insanely stupid and violent.  I bit my tongue and tried to minimize my eye rolls.  And it made him happy.  So did the supper and cake… and five handmade cards (and a cat popsicle stick puppet.  I have no words.)

But all of that running around has completely exhausted me.  I am going NOWHERE, tomorrow.  Mostly.  Not really.

Sometimes?  I tire *ME* out.  Today would be one of those days.

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