___________ October 19, 2015 __________

Playing Catch-Up

I’m sorry I didn’t write, yesterday.  Weekends are different for me, because my guy is home, and that’s kind of a game changer.  This week not so much as others, because he had side work to do in the barn, and that requires us being here.  And we *NEED* that side work.  To be honest, we’re doing pretty badly, right now, financially.  Just ’til next payday – there are THREE paydays this month, and the extra one will get us back up on top of things, again, but we’re skimping, for the moment.  That happens, sometimes.  Not that biking or hiking costs money, but other things do, and the side work money helps, so we need to stay home and give him time for side work.  And honestly?  That’s what he’d rather do, anyhow.  Even when he’s home, his favorite place to be and thing to do involves the CNC machine in the barn.  I feel like I’m complaining, and maybe I am (just a little), but…

Anyhow.  I had to do some catching up on Facebook, and that really bogs me down.  So much is going on, anymore!   I feel guilty for not keeping up.  I also feel guilty that I haven’t publicly blogged since August 14th.  The only time I’ve ever missed (other than this) was while I was Novembered, last year.  I just stopped… for almost two months.  Was only going to take the feasts off, this time… but it didn’t feel right, going back to it just after, like nothing.  I’m waiting until after 17 Cheshvan, at this point.  But not blogging… it’s very odd for me.

Anyhow, Saturday we went to the dump, got goat food (JUST goat feed – we can make it on what we have for the other critters, and can’t afford to stock up, at the moment), debated getting apples and making cider, this weekend (and rejected it for costumes, side work busy-ness, and cost reasons), and then headed home.  My guy worked on side work, and I started assembling the bits and pieces of costume to see what I have and what I need to do.

Owen Baggins is almost complete – today I just have to hot glue brown fur to the strap of his flip-flops, and he’ll have hobbit-shoes.  Then he’ll be complete.  (I may trim his hair an inch or so, too.)  Elven Lord Aaron is complete, except for doing temporary dye in his hair… and my guy says not yet.  Lydia the Dwarf is close to being complete – she needs gauntlets and shoulder thingers.  I’m likely going to just duct tape them on, when the time comes – it peels up, and I can use the crafting parts, again.  I duct tape and safety pin a LOT of things.  And her helmet – her helmet is going to KILL me.  It’s the hardest part of EVERYTHING.  (https://damselsindisguise.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/gimli.jpg)  Eth-olas of Mirkwood is complete excepting for boots (we’ll check the thrift store after karate, this week).  I have three pair of tall black boots, but Isaac is using the only pair that aren’t heels, and Ethan…  His feet are too small, and he CAN’T wear heels.  He’s to effeminate.  Today I need to do something about Isaac-gorn of Arathorn.  And my own costume.  As for Gandalf?  That’s going to require real sewing.  And possibly pulling the batting out of a comforter.  Can’t think about that, just now!!!   After working on costumes, it was nice to get out and breathe, for a while.  Biking is always a good thing.

About that cat bag picture:  I had snuck over to the barn at Grandpa’s while Grandma was working with Brian, and I opened the door and snapped the photo of what it looks like, there.  That’s where she feeds cats – and just throws the bags down.  She’s going to slip on them, I just know it.  It’s not MY cat mess, I swear it!  Grandma has barn cats.  Dozens and dozens and dozens of them, and she feeds them in little bowls, all over the farm.  But tonight when my guy takes the boys to return the trailer, I’ve asked the kids to ‘run and play’, but sneak in there and at least stack the tubs and maybe collect the empty bags and stuff them in one, just to clear the way for Grandma.  She gets testy if she knows I’m there *cleaning*, but if they sneak in and do it… I just don’t want her to fall.

 The kids are STILL not handling ‘Dr. Who’ very well.  Truth be told?  Neither am I.  It feels off.  If things don’t get better, soon… I think we may be ditching it and just doing ‘Story of the World’ (Ancient History) and the Mara Pratt (American History).  I really wanted ‘Dr. Who’ to work out, but it’s seriously disturbing, mostly.  People *rave* about it, though.  And I want to give it a fair chance.  It’s just taking a LONG time to get to anything we could actually study!
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