___________ October 20, 2015 __________

A Little Ranty

It’s Wednesday, but not a normal one.  This would be why my e-mail is so horrifically late.  The girl has a sleepover.  Today and tomorrow.

I’m not happy about the sleepover.  It’s in the middle of a SCHOOL WEEK, and while the girl (let’s call her LBFF)’s mom doesn’t seem to give a crap (I really question how much she actually schools those kids), it matters to *ME*.  I’m not okay with this.  I only went along with it, because LBFF really wanted Lydia to come to her church’s youth group.  It meets on Wednesdays, and while I have absolutely no use for church, Lydia is curious, and I’m not about to keep her away… just caution her about how little Truth she’s going to encounter (and how much she’ll have to excuse, as far as untruths go).  Anyhow, JUST THIS ONCE.  Then this never happens again.  Weekend sleepovers, only.  Don’t mess with my homeschool groove, y’all.

So everything is off.  We tried to cram as much into this morning as we could before she left at noon.  The boys are so ‘off’, from things being weird and her being gone that I kicked them outside for a while.  They found some spaghetti-Os in the back of the pantry – they have to be half a decade old, since I don’t buy crap like that these days – but they insisted it would be PERFECT for a special lunch.  (Someone puh-leeze tell them Chef Boyardee is NOT special?!!)  Anyhow, I’m behind.  By a lot.  It didn’t help that Wednesday is electronic school, and my chart from last year (which was incomplete) was rendered completely obsolete this year when we added more stuff to it.  So I spent my writing time re-vamping the graph.

And even now, with the boys out in the back woods and Lydia texting me every 12 minutes from LBFF’s (She likes to spend the time with LBFF, but doesn’t like not being HOME, and texts because she’s almost instantly homesick)… I’m still light years behind.  Monday night Lydia and I stayed out late after lap swim and dance, and didn’t get home until 1am, for downloading videos and programs I need for this semester from the internet.  It’s all a big jumble in my ‘downloads’ file, and needs to be sorted and put in order and…!!!!!

Today they finally approved my acceptance of their invite to the homeschool group, today.  The meeting was last THURSDAY, but I had to apply for an invite to their super-ultra-awesome homeschool page on Facebook, and then they had to extend the invitation, and I had to accept the invitation, but then they had to approve my acceptance of the… what the heck?!?!  By the time today rolled around, I was about ready to just withdraw from humankind and let them be all stuffed up by themselves.  What’s with the lording-it-over-people bullcrap that everyone gets off on, nowadays?!  I just have NO tolerance for it.  I don’t really want to be a member of their super-ultra-awesome support group, anyhow – I just want the dadgum field trip info!  I don’t know – I just don’t understand.  And jumping thru other people’s imaginary hoops grates my every last nerve.  Cranky, cranky blonde…!!!!

As it is, I’m having to plan my OWN field trips, since theirs SUCK, this year…!   No crap, the October field trip is to Charlton Park (a historical village).  But there were only 50 openings for parents and kids, and there are 40 women at each of the two groups, NOT INCLUDING their kids.  So there wasn’t room for anyone.  And since the group I’m with meets after the other group?  Those spots were *long* gone.  Then there’s the November field trip:  They’re getting together at a church to make Samaritan’s Purse X-mess Shoeboxes for needy children in Africa.  It’s $40 per child to participate, because you have to buy the approved shoebox, and then purchase a certain amount of toiletries of a specified type to put IN the shoeboxes.  Um… no.  Oh, and the December field trip?  The Grand Rapids Ballet puts on *HALF* of ‘The Nutcracker’ for a discounted price for school children.  We went last year – it’s only $5/ea, but you only see half of the play… are left hanging!  And every public school kid in inner city GR is there, NOT being supervised while the teachers all talk in a corner.  It’s absolutely horrible.  SO NOT interested in doing that scene again!

So now I’m coming up with field trips for us.  September was ArtPrize, and October looks to be a ‘Pumpkin Walk’, in which artists carve up 700 pumpkins and line them along a half mile strip, and people can go and see the amazing art.  I’ve never been, so I thought it might be worth going to.  November I’m looking at taking them to a Civil War muster (and Cider Time) at a nearby historical mill, and for December I found a full-length ‘Nutcracker’ ballet that’s local and only $8/ea.  I don’t know, but I’m thinking I may be better at this field trip planning stuff than THEY are!

“Dr. Who” is starting to grow on the kids, a little.  We’re up to episode 7,and there was only one history lesson in that WHOLE mess – I’m having the two older two do their research on 10 Downing Street.  Pitiful.  I hope it gets better.  On the other hand, it’s been *conditioning*, if you will.  They’re losing a little of their freak-out at scary monsters.  That’s something, I guess.  Although I’m torn – I don’t want them TOO conditioned, at the same time.  Parenting is a hard gig, y’know that?!

Anyhow, there’s my rant for the day.

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