___________ October 21, 2015 __________

Messed Up Groove

I admittedly did very little, today.  I wandered around, missing my girl.  Spent a LOT of time with the two youngest, but I don’t remember what we were doing.  I remember begging off eventually, and reading a book by them.  It thunderstormed, and we waited it out and did critters with my guy when he got home – he did the girl’s chores.  Homemade meatball subs for supper, I remember that.  Cuddling down on top of my guy on the sofa… that was nice.  I like home days.  But it was supposed to be a reading night.  My groove was still off, because we couldn’t read without the girl – she’d get behind.  NO MORE MID-WEEK SLEEPOVERS!!!!!

Anyhow, I really should work on some history projects.  I’m actually a moderator for a history lesson group on-line, and am *supposed* to put together projects for each chapter.  I got a little behind, last year, and haven’t picked up again, this year, so that’s on my agenda of things to do.  Wish I felt just a *little* more enthusiastic about it than I do.  Oh, it’s just the being behind and out of the groove that’s the problem.  Once I plug thru and catch up, it’ll be fine, again.  I just need a little gumption.  Got any to spare?

Okay, well, that’s all I’ve got at the moment.  But tomorrow is a huge day.  (((HUGE.)))  So there’ll be a lot more, come the next e-mail.  Not to mention what the kiddo brings home for news.  That’s always fun, too.  🙂

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