___________ October 25, 2015 __________

Just a Down Day

Today started at 3:35 this morning, when husband decided he had a cold.  Now when I wake up at 3am and can’t sleep?  I get up, go spend a few hours on the PC until a) I’m tired enough to sleep, or b) he goes to work.  This is so that I don’t disturb him with my issues.  When he wakes up at 3am?  He’s out of the room, and in the room and out of the bed, and in the bed, and roll, and roll again, and snoring hideously, then out of the bed, then out of the room, then in the room and in the bed, then rolling… GAH!!!!  I had to get up, I couldn’t stand it, anymore!!!!  So not only did he not get any sleep last night?  Neither did I!  Geez-Louise!

Today (later than that) he got his side-work done in the barn.  That’s good – it will [eventually] be a little extra money for us to catch back up with.  And it was good that he was outside, because I had some serious work to do, on-line.  I got a bee in my bonnet over eschatology (this happens, often), and I had to log the astronomical, political, and spiritual events between May 2013 and October 2015, so that I could do some figuring.  It’s weird, don’t even ask… just know I’m strange.  Everyone says it – I’m used to it.  But anyhow, it took some work, but I got my dates and events, now I just have to plug them into a timeline, and see what there is to see.

When he came in, he collapsed on the sofa and fell asleep for a few hours.  Me?  I finished my work, did a little kid interaction stuff, and then set to making potato and sausage soup.  Afterwards, we worked on Gimli’s helmet.  It has to be done, tomorrow, and it’s NOT done, at present so I am typing like the WIND to get back to it, ASAP.  It’s the scariest part of the whole costuming thing, that helmet.  I’m terrified of it.  When I say ‘we worked on it’, that means he sits by me as moral support, while I freak out and try to finagle something together that’s aesthetically pleasing.

After that, everyone tended critters and played ‘Beanie Baby Talent Show’ (?!) for a while, and I tried to crash on the sofa, myself, but… have you ever been to a beanie baby talent show?  They can’t sing for CRap.  Just sayin’.  And it’s loud.  I didn’t sleep.  At all.  But it was a valiant effort, and I get bonus points for being the talent show audience.

Then I got this itch to get out and *breathe* for a while, so we all piled into the car and went for a walk at the lake.  The campground’s Halloween was this weekend, and we thought maybe we might find some trinkets and dropped treasures around.  Mostly there were too many fallen leaves to find anything, but we did score some cool surprises.  Isaac found a broken tiki torch (that’s tiki *staff* to you!) and an archery arrow with the tip missing, but the feathers intact.  Aaron found ribbon and a great big safety pin.  Lydia found a small rubber rat, commandeered by Owen and now named ‘Ricardo’.  Ethan found fake spider webbing and wrapped his sleeve in it.  He was ‘haunted’.  They had a ball, we got to stretch our legs… it was fun crunching the leaves… and Brian got Nyquil on the way home.

Upon reaching the house, we put Gandalf together.  He’ll be fine, if he can remember to bring his work boots home to wear.  We also put together Aragorn, who’ll look awesome if I curl the front of his hair and give him an eye shadow beard on the big day.  Then we dyed Aaron’s hair black.  Traumatic and woeful in ways I can’t even articulate.  Hair dye *ITCHES*.  He was out of his mind for 25 minutes, solid.  I was out of my mind trying to get that dye out of his hair.  What a mess!  But it’s done, now.  Hopefully he’ll look better in the morning when he’s dry.  Right now he looks like a drugged out punk rocker.  No comment.

And have I mentioned I have a helmet to finish?  Lydia’s dance class costume party is tomorrow night, and if I don’t get it done, she’ll be stuck wearing Camilla the Chicken.  She’d rather not.  But y’know what?  I think it’d be cute.  I asked permission to borrow the hat, feather boa, and long gloves, and *I’ll* be Camilla.  She thinks I’m a goofball… and that’s okay.

So I have to run!  Swift, like the wind!  Possibly more swifter…ly fast…ish.

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