___________ October 28, 2015 __________

Out and About

Thank you for giving me a night off, Tuesday.  I put it to good use – did a LOT of graph work, and some journaling, too – private updates to my cache.  It needed to be done, and was a harrowing job that required some serious time, and you were so kind to give me that extra time slot to do it in.  ((((Thank you.))))

Going out to eat is a hard one, isn’t it?  It’s just so convenient.  And you’re out, anyhow.  And by the time you get home and cook something, and then have to mess around with left-overs… Oh, yes, we know that song and dance.  It’s one of our downfalls, too.  And this week is seriously tight for us.  My guy’s paycheck was $300 shorter than normal, last time, which might not matter to a richer family, but to us, that’s a TON of money, and puts the stranglehold on us.  Two days until Friday – we should be okay, if we’re careful.

Today was Lydia’s second follow-up for her foot.  Now when I was a kid, my brother and I each got a wart (we assumed from the pool floor at swim team).  My mom took us in, they pressed a giant Q-tip of liquid nitrogen to our feet, it hurt so bad I wanted to bite a hole in my tongue, but the warts were *gone*.  One treatment.  Now?  They use a canister and spray ‘Nitrous air’ in the direction of the wart, and you have to come back, and you have to come back, and you have to come back.  But you see, that’s how they get more $$, isn’t it?  Thieves.  Why cure the patient in one visit when you can drag it out and make five visits out of it?  I was good with the initial treatment and a follow-up to get anything that was missed the first time.  But then this follow up to that?  And they wanted to treat her again, and have her come back?  Um, not thinking so.  Screw me once, shame on you;  screw me twice, shame on me.  Isn’t that how the saying goes?  I told them we weren’t getting another treatment, because she had a pool party tonight, and wouldn’t be able to go in the water.  They said we could probably get the rest with Compound W.  FINE – we will NOT be back.

It was also her orthodontist appointment, this morning.  We were up before the sun, and that’s not a norm in our house.  Will be *VERY* glad when the braces come off in May.  My guy says the daughter of a co-worker has had to have three ‘sessions’ of braces.  What. The. Heck?!  It’s like this:  I can afford ONE session.  Get it right the first time, or we live with the best they could manage, and it’ll be a testimony to their abilities.  It’s a game… a lucrative one for the company.  But they just don’t realize that the customers hold the aces.  Without us?  No business or referrals.  (I think I’m becoming SO stinkin’ cranky in my old age…!!!)

Let’s see, what else happened today?  Oh!  We hit a thrift store to try to find Legolas boots for Ethan.  Figured since his feet are so small, there’d be something in a size normal women can’t fit.  But they couldn’t be heels – he’s a guy, hello.  We got to the thrift store, and there were TWO pairs of boots – knee high and flat heeled!  I got both – so now Aaron can wear some, too, with his costume.  The lady at the counter said we must’ve hit the store just right, because she’s been watching for boots, and hadn’t seen these – they must’ve just been put out.  What can I say?  We’re blessed!!

Tonight we took the kids swimming at *my* pool.  The two older boys had to be tested before being allowed to swim (!?) but the test consisted of them swimming one lap without touching the bottom or stopping.  They aced it, no problem.  Then they headed STRAIGHT for the diving board.  I was a little concerned – they had NO experience with diving boards and little experience with deep ends, so I went with them – just to be on-hand in case there was panic.  But those two little farmers cannon-balled right off and went scurrying back for more.  No fear!  It was kind of awesome.

I worked on kicking and ‘scoop hands’ with the two little boys, and Lydia had a ball… literally.  She and my guy found a ball and played catch.  The pool has so many fun things – they had life jackets for my two youngest (so they could play without struggling), there were flippers and goggles and kick-boards and diving rings and balls and pool noodles…!  I had no idea – I just go and do my lap thing, Mondays.  But it was really fun.  Lydia’s boy-type friend was there, but she stayed VERY close to her Daddy.  Didn’t save her from the slight razzing, though, afterwards.

Wednesdays are electronic school, here… which is FAR more taxing than it should be.  But it switches stuff up, a little, too.  We do games drilling Area & Perimeter, Morse Code, Binary, Presidents, States, musical notation, Math balls, Grammar Ninja… let’s see… typing, science, and the bigger kids are required to write a blog entry.  All games must have the scores shown to me so that I can record their progress (and know they actually did them).  Between three computers and two tablets, we manage to get it all done, but it can be pandemonium, lemme tell ya!

Wow, I think I just figured out why I’m kinda sleepy!  (Well, that and my guy still isn’t sleeping for his congestion, poor boy.  Which means I’m not sleeping, either.  I just got up for good at 5am, today and called it good… so that might have something to do with it, too.)  Would it be okay if we called this ‘it’ for the day?  I’d be muchly b’holdin’ to ya.

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