__________November 01, 2015__________

The Day After

In an un-harried world, I write to you at night.  So therefore, in an effort to get back to some semblance of normal, I’m writing in the p.m, although I think I wrote yesterday’s this afternoon or morning or something, too.  (Getting confused.)  And you just know this whole time change thing is going to screw me up, come tomorrow.  It’s always something.  😛  Daylight Savings Time… it’s not humankind’s friend.  I’m pretty convinced they’ve got it all worked out the wrong way.  This isn’t at all what Benjamin Franklin meant when he talked about time change.  Still, all the clocks are changed.

Yesterday was my Aaron’s birthday – he’s 8 years old.  It’s a BIG deal, because it means he’s all finished with booster seats in the car.  He’s very excited about the whole thing, but then that’s just how birthdays are, anyhow, no?  We try to have one ‘milestone’ for every birthday, anyhow – it just happens that the DMV helped me out with his.  And of course there’s cake – so I’m totally not complaining.  🙂  Except that the frosting turns my tongue blue.  See?  (Sticks tongue out.)  Not so good for the waistline.

There was a LOT of costume clean-up, this morning – everything from Halloween was kind of vomited all over the house.

But we did it!  We made it thru the costuming, the visits to various trick-r-treat destinations… got our pictures taken by all SORTS of people, and showed Brian’s grandparents and then his aunt/uncle.  That’s all the family we have contact with, so it really is pretty easy.  Most people had no idea what we were.  They never do.  The year we did ‘The Muppet Show’ theme, everyone kept saying, “Oh, look… Sesame Street!  Where’s Big Bird?”   Makes me cross-eyed.  Anyhow, the only people who know who/what we were this time were the men aged 30-50.  Anyone older said, “Ooh, medieval.”  And anyone female blinked blankly in our direction.  Kids (people under the age of 21) had NO idea at all.  There were a few twenty-somethings that had an idea, but it was based on Gandalf.  People shouldn’t surprise me, but every time I’m still stunned anew at how ignorant they are.  Tolkien is practically a classic.  It’s one of the best-selling novels ever written, for pity’s sakes!

Because pretty much everything today had to do with costuming, can we call this a little post, and give me a breather?  I really need to have a chance to put everything away and breathe in and out, a few times.

I have a lot to take off my camera, yet, and tried to do some file cleaning on the ol’ PC this morning – I’m way behind, too.  Scrapbook-wise?  We can’t even talk about it.  But now that the costuming thing is off my shoulders… maybe I can start whittling away at pictures/books?  Well, but my friend from K-zoo is getting married.  Now that I know that, I really should start cross-stitching her a gift.  Or crocheting, or something.  Hrm.

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