__________November 03, 2015__________

Catch-Up Post

I really thought that things would calm down after the costume thing was over.  Silly me!  Like Monday would be anything but absolutely, insanely frantic?  Pshah!!!  You wouldn’t believe the odd, off-the-wall stuff that comes up.  I couldn’t make it up if I tried!

First came morning school and piano lessons, but after that the phone rang.  It was the YMCA, and they were calling to say that they were cancelling my older two boys’ swim class for lack of participation (?!)  So now I don’t know what to do.  Supposedly there’s someone who gives private lessons… maybe if that’s affordable.  Otherwise, I’ll have to take them to the next level, myself.  And the only time to do that in is… during my lap swim.  Which means I’ll have to give it up.  I hate to.  I really, *REALLY* need to try to shed weight, but… anyhow it’s selfish to keep it for myself, isn’t it?  So I’m trying to get over it.

Then I got ANOTHER phone call (what’s with people and phones, anyhow?!), and the lady on the line said, “Hi, are you my neighbor?”  And I thought, WHAT?  “Are you the people next door?” she tried again.  I don’t know… am I?  I’m clueless as to who you are, that’s for durn sure…  “Do you have goats?”  She asked, and added, “I’m George’s wife.”  Well, why didn’t she SAY THAT to begin with?  I know George.  I’ve never actually seen his wife.  She doesn’t leave the house.  Anyhow, now that I can confirm that YES, I live next door, she says, “I just saw your goats go running down that long gravel driveway.  You might want to go try and catch them.”  PANIC!!!!!   So we run for our mud boots, take off outside, and (me being me), first I check the goat pen.  I want to know who it is I’m chasing down (and getting a dish of sweet feed would bring them over, fast enough).  But everyone is in their pen and accounted for.  Hey – we have our critters *fortified* – ain’t NOBODY getting out.  So then… what was up?

I went down  to where the kids were on the drive, and there on the gravel were definite goat droppings, so I know the lady next door wasn’t delusional – *somebody’s* goats were loose.  So we walked down the half mile to see if we could find them, but they were apparently long gone.  When we got home, I got ANOTHER phone call.  It was George’s wife.  I explained that our goats are all secure and didn’t get out.  “Well, I wonder who’s goats they are!  Maybe Linda [McCoy]’s.”  I snorted.  “Wouldn’t be surprised.  None of her critters are penned.”  She just laughed and agreed.  I hope Norm [Hatfield] doesn’t see them.  Goats are tasty, I hear.  But wha… the adventures we have…!

About that time I remembered that I have a cellphone (well…!) so I had to go find it, somewheres, and tell my guy about the goat thing (and the swim thing).  And his side work check was in the mail (when we walked the drive, we got the mail, too) – it’s a HUGE surprise, because we thought it would take a few weeks to get it.  Blessed!!!  He’d apparently texted me all morning.  Like I carry around a cellphone in the house?  Sheesh!  😉

Lydia helped me cut/braid the front of my t-shirt, and they had field trip reports instead of grammar, today.  Played some card games (adding up scores) for math (and matching for the littles).  Then I got on-line, and found out that I’m two books behind in my reading challenge for the year… so I read one.  It wasn’t really very good.  I don’t like when authors use the words ‘yummy’ or ‘yucky’.  What are we, two years old?  Good grief.  Anyhow, I can at least log it.  But I rated it one star.  It blew.

Tonight was dance and lap swim.  The pool was BUSY, and colder than a penguin’s backside.  If they get any colder, there’ll be ice floating on the surface.  It’s ridiculous.  After six laps, I’m warm enough not to shake, anymore, but it wreaks havoc on these old muscles, clenching up like that.  And then I’m supposed to SWIM?!  That can’t be good for the body.  Just sayin’.

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